3m Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

China’s Xie Siyi won another men’s 3 metre springboard gold medal at the Olympics with a succession of nearly perfect twists, rolls, tucks, and pointed toes. if you have further information 3m Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. if you want to know more, check out the article below

3m Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

3m Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With this victory, Xie joins his compatriot Xiong Ni as the only male divers in history to win gold medals in the individual and synchronised 3m springboard events at the same Olympic Games.

Teammate Wang Zongyuan, also 19 years old, performed six outstanding dives to win silver, and British diver Jack Laugher won bronze.

Hugged and Cried After They Won

Xie and Wang, who were in the top two throughout the competition and who hugged and cried after they won, scored 558.75 and 534.90 points, respectively.

Xie, who was scouted shortly after beginning elementary school, dove into the sea to rapturous applause from his Chinese flag-waving colleagues and a hushed audience.
Final dive scores of 102.60 points were achieved by Xie and Wang, tying for first place.

A teary-eyed Xie added, “I did this for my nation.” He was holding his medal tightly. A former instructor who had been an inspiration to him went away, and he stated he “can still hear his voice around me,” but he did not want to talk about him.

Last Words

China has won 37 of the last 48 diving gold medals at the Olympics, making their dominance in the sport comparable to that of table tennis and badminton.For anyone who took the time to read this, we appreciate it. 3m Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Read on, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

As a result of their score of 275.10, Mexico finished in fourth place. To the fifth spot came Japan, 5.7 points behind.

The difference between Great Britain and seventh-place Italy was only 1.62 points. The United States of America scored a total of 263.49 points, good for eighth place.
On Monday, the men’s synchronised 10m platform final will take place, and Team GB’s Tom Daley and Matty Lee will be competing for a gold. The proceedings begin at 7 a.m. BST.