Apple Will Replace MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar with Apple Pencil dock

A new patent had been published recently and according to that new patent that had been published earlier this week, we have got the hold of a new interesting piece of information. This was published by the  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple seems to be keen on the idea of the Touch Bar being replaced by a dock or case for Apple Pencil.

The idea is on the way out and there has been quite an uproar in the tech community, especially in the Apple sector regarding this. You might have already got a hint of it from all the talk going around.

Apple Will Replace MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar with Apple Pencil dock

The patent was initially spotted by Patently Apple, which includes the following statement: “The invention is meant to place the apple pencil which is actually removable and has been mounted to a MacBook keyboard.

While the Pencil is placed in its spot or rather its retainer, then it can very well act as a mouse that can move the cursor. However, the full functionality of the apple pencil can also be the double use of the same product. It is indeed a good way of using one thing for two purposes.”

Inspired by the patent, designer Sarang Sheth had used 3D images to bring the idea to life. It indeed seems like something that might be a new rage. The images show how the Apple Pencil can be easily placed into the slot and how it can just be the perfect fit for there.

Interestingly the concept is doing a lot on its own. In fact, these concepts are also seen to be keeping a smaller version of the Touch Bar for quick access to some of the required apps.