10 Best Web Scraper Tools For Data Extraction

If you are here, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with Web scraping tools but let me tell you, these are developed software which you can use to find out some most useful data from the websites over the internet. This is a useful tool for everyone who is interested in extracting out some useful information from the sites.

As there are a lot of such tools available in the market, one may get confused about which tool is best and which tool you should use. That’s why here we have represented you this article to sort out this problem.

10 Best Web Scraper Tools For Data Extraction In 2023

Web Scraper Tools

Here we have provided you with a list of the best 10 Web Scraper Tools that you can use for Data Extraction available in the year 2023. Just go through our article and find out the one which best suits your needs and requirements. So let’s get started on our list.

1. Scrapingbee

Our first Scraper Tool for data extraction in the list is Scrapingbee. This one is a web scraping API. It takes care of your proxy management and can also execute the Javascript and help you to provide a new HTML page, and also prevent you from getting blocked. This tool has its own specific APO for the scraping of Google searches.

Features of Scrapingbee

1: This tool supports the rendering of JavaScript

2: Provides you with the rotation of an automatic proxy.

3: This tool can simply and directly be used on Google Sheets.

4: This tool is also accessible on the Chrome Browser.

5: This one is a mind-blowing tool for Amazon scraping.

6: Supportable Google search scraping.

2. Octoparse

Now our second scraper tool, which secured its place on our list, is Octoparse. This one is an easy-to-use tool for web scraping. It can be both users who know about coding or don’t know about coding. This tool can scrape a lot of web data of more than a million and can move it into any of your files like JSON, Excel, or CSC so that you can download it.

Features of Octoparse

1: It performs extraction of Cloud by using IP to avoid blocking and captcha.

2: Automatically cleans the data by using the tool Embedded RegEx.

3: Updates your data on a regular basis.

4: Provides a direct supply of data by using an API connection.

5: Accessible on both Mac and Windows OS.

3. Luminati

Now let’s talk about our next tool, which is Luminati. Now it is known by the name Bright Data. This tool has been developed as a next-generation tool in the world of technology. It performs a flow of data in a customized way to one simple dashboard. It provides you with a lot of features like market research, competitive intelligence, and the sets of data that are provided in the way to tailor all your business needs.

Features of Luminati

1: It doesn’t require any of the complex data collection infrastructures.

2: You can fully control

You have full control of the data collection process.

3: It provides a better flow of data in just a few minutes.

4: The data collected by this tool is dynamic and make sure success rates.

4. Scraper API

Now let’s talk about another tool which is the Scraper API. This tool allows you to keep management with captcha, proxies, and browsers. By using this tool, you can the HTML of any web page just by making a simple and easy API call. You just have to make a GET request to the API for integration.

Features of Scraper API

1: This tool allows you to make a render with JavaScript.

2: Permits you the customization the header of every request and type of request.

3: It provides you with a great high speed and reliability to build web scrapers that are scalable.

4: Provides Rotating Proxie, which are Geolocated.

5. Apify SDK

The next tool which secured its place in our list is the Apify SDK. This platform is mostly used for automation and web scraping. It can make the API for each and every website you want. It also provides you integrated proxy service which performs data extraction by using data centers and residential proxies.

The store of this tool provides you with a wide range of scraping tools for the platforms which are most popular like Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps and Twitter, etc. The custom solution of this tool enables extraction and scraping to any scale.

Features of Apify SDK

1: It downloads data in a well-structured form.

2: Download Google search by using the proxy of Google SERP. 3: It also supports intelligent IP rotation, geolocation targeting, and HTTPS.

4: Provides a free trial of 30 days with credit of $5 platform.

6. Agenty

Our next tool in the list is Agenty. It is software that is based on Robotic Processes. It performs various works like text extraction, OCR, and data scraping. On this platform, you can create the agent in just a few simple and easy steps. By using this platform, you can use the processed data again for performing analytics.

Features of Agenty

1: It allows you to secure your FTP and to integrate with Dropbox.

2: After completion of the job it keeps you updated with an automatic email.

3: It allows you to check activity logs for every event.

4: You can easily add custom logic and business rules by using this site.

7. Webhose.io

Now let’s discuss the next tool in the list which is Webhose.io. This tool allows you to directly access crawl on a lot of websites (thousands) by using real-time and structured data. The best part of this platform is that it allows you to access the historical feeds of about 10 years so that you can use your data in a good way.

Features of Webhose.io

1: It provides you with the data set in the form of XML and JSON which are readable by machine and they are fully structured.

2: It provides you a vast collection of data on its feed and doesn’t charge you a penny for that.

3: This platform provides you with an advanced filter so that you can access the datasets and granular analysis of your choice.

8. Dexi Intelligent

Now our next tool is Dexi Intelligent in our list. By using this scraping tool you are able to transform limitless web data into the value of the immediate business. The Dexi Intelligent tool makes you able to save your time so that you can use your precious time on anything else and makes you cut costs.

Features of Dexi Intelligent

1: This platform provides you with Increased accuracy and efficiency and better quality.

2: Provides high speed of data intelligence.

3: Data extraction is good quality and fast.

4: The knowledge captured by the tool is high scale.

9. Outwit

Our next tool is Outwit which is an extension of Firefox and you can easily download this tool by using the add-ons store of Firefox. The subscription plan if this tool is available in three criteria and you can buy any of them according to your requirement and needs. The three plans are 1.Pro edition, 2.Expert edition, and 3.Enterprise edition.

Features of Outwit

1: By using this, you can easily grab the contact from any email and web source.

2: You don’t need to have any programming skills to extract data using this site.

3: You will be able to launch the scraping on various sites just by clicking on the exploration button.

10. Pareseexploration buttoHub

This one is available for free of cost. By using this tool, you can easily extract the data which you want to extract in just one click. This tool is known to be one of the best scraping tool which can be used for data extraction or to download the data in any format of your choice for analysis.

Features of Pareseexploration buttoHub

1: First it performs cleaning of HTML and text then downloads the data.

2: The interface is easy to access.

3: By using this tool, you can easily store and collect data automatically on servers.


We have provided you with a list of the best 10 Scraper Tools which you can use for Data Extraction in the year 2023. We also have mentioned some of the important features provided by these tools. You can choose any of the tools mentioned in our list. All of them are best and hand-picked. I am pretty sure this list will be helpful for you and you will like it.