COVID-19 Cases Surge in New US Hotspots

There had been reports of a Covid 19 surge in Minnesota and Michigan, where many people are being hospitalized because they had been severely affected by the coronavirus.

The influx or the surge that we see here in these states might be showing signs of a third wave that might come upon the United States if things are not controlled well now. The hospital beds are filling up, and there are no bed space left for any other patients.

COVID-19 Cases Surge in New US Hotspots

Michigan had more than 3000 patients admitted to the hospitals because of the reason. It is important to note that these people, well, most of them showing the severe symptoms of the coronavirus Infection, are the ones that had not been vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus.

This also goes to show that how important it is to get that vaccine along with the booster shots if you do not intend to end up in the hospital with severe symptoms and the possibility of dying.

Michigan is being currently hit the most among the other places. It had the country’s highest seven-day COVID 19 case rate that we have seen in the recent month. It is found at 503 per 100,000 people.

We are getting this information and number according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Minnesota is also getting a lot of this infection which makes it stand at the second spot with a case number at 490.

“All of us had hoped that we’d be in a very different place as we approach this Thanksgiving season. But we really are not,” Riney said in a news statement.

“These are the women and men that the community celebrated last year,” he said. Now what comes next depends entirely on the people and the government’s ability to take control of the situation. We will keep you posted on the news. Take care of yourself and your family.