18 Best Sites Like ‘MangaStream’ To Read Manga

MangaStream is a website where users can access manga comics online. It was the largest digital database of comics with various authors and genres all available at no charge. Here Users were allowed to read Japanese comics online for free.

MangaStream had a large collection of manga comics and provided its service for a decade. MangaStream was popular because of two reasons, first because it allowed fan users to translate those comics into different languages like English, French, Italian, and many more.

Secondly, MangaStream provided access to the whole website to users without any charges, for free.

MangaStream Alternatives to Read Manga

Is MangaStream Down?

MangaStream is no longer available or providing its service to users, the website is now brought down or blocked and there’s no official statement or explanation from their side.

However, it was assumed by different resources that the reason behind the shutting down of the MangaStream website was illegally sharing content and violating copyright infringement laws of the creators.

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MangaStream provided the content for free which stopped manga fans to read comics/mangas in the original form and also it provided duplicate content which made it an illegal website to operate with.

18 Best Sites Like MangaStream

When the world’s most popular database of manga comics was shut down users were highly disappointed, so if you are one of them.

Here are the 18 Best Alternatives Sites Like MangaStream which you definitely need to try on. These sites also have a large collection of manga comics and you can access most of the site for free as well.

1. MangaTown

MangaTown is a very well-organized website that lets users access different comics according to genre and categories. MangaTown is one of the best manga comic sites because if you are someone who doesn’t like the older version of manga comics then here you’d find high-quality manga comics with an entirely different outlook.

MangaTown is also popular because no advertisement comes in between and annoys users. Here you can find classic and new series which you might not be able to find on different sites.

Its genre section is very much organized. You can select a manga comic according to A-Z names, ratings, and much more. These comics have fascinating dialogue writing.

2. MangaHere

MangaHere is also one such amazing alternative to MangaStream having a vast collection of more than 10, 000 manga comics. MangaHere is also organized and allows users to access different comics according to genre and categories.

The whole website is basically divided into different categories where you can find modern comics and your favorite series as well.

MangaHere’s manga collection mainly consisted of Japanese mangas along with Korean mangas, European mangas, and many more. It also consists of news sections that keep manga lovers updated on coming comics and also manga-related news.

3. MangaDex

Mangadex is an amazing website for manga lovers where they can find comics in more than 20 different languages like Spanish, German, and many more. Mangadex not only provides a vast collection of comics but also different versions of manga comics which can be of different colored versions, with alternative endings and more.

Mangadex has famous mangas like Dragon Ball, dragon ball super, and much more. if a user wishes to express their own opinion on certain versions or want to know the views of others then users are given a section of comments or forums where they can express, form groups, follow available groups, and discuss.it is available for both desktop and smartphone versions.

4. MangaFox

MangaFox is a very popular manga website and because of this there are a number of different clones of this website and each of them is worse than the original one, so users should make sure that the site they are going through is the real one.

Original MangaFox has a color theme of black white and orange. It allows you to scale images and read it in the format which suits and seems convenient for you.

The comic library of the manga is regularly updated, every comic that is available to users has individual ratings as well and it also comes in an application that can be downloaded only from the original website, not from any other stores.

5. MangaOwl

WSJ fans know how excellently manga owls provide their service and different manga comics as well. WSJ series are released even before the official release which makes mangaowl more popular for WSJ fans.

Manga owl has a good rating and also provides users an easy to use interface and convenient method of finding comics. It is very easy to find any comic you are looking for.

Mangaowl also has different sections like a must-read, latest updates, popular ratings, and so on. Mangaowl gives you an opportunity to continue from where you left last time.

6. MangaFreak

If you are someone who loved downloading books for self-reading and wishes to read comics while being offline, then Manga Freak is an excellent choice for you. MangaFreak’s history sections help users to find the manga they were reading.

also MangaFreak allows users to download comics and access them even when their device is not connected to the internet. It has amazing quality scans, genre and also you can access most of the website without even registering yourself which makes it more convenient.

7. TenManga

Tenmanga is not a website with development history, it’s a new website but it has already managed to sort and categorize comics and provide a very convenient platform for users to access manga comics.

TenManga doesn’t show advertisements and annoys their users, but they do not possess a forum or comment section where users can communicate, it’s just a website that provides a service to read. Here you can find strange and different manga genres as well which you might not be able to see on other websites.

8. MangaPark

One of the best alternatives of MangaStream and a website with a large collection of books with convenient site navigation makes it a very popular choice for users.

Mangapark is just like some real book, you can put bookmarks and continue reading it from there the next time. You can adjust between dark and light colors and can load 10 images per chapter easily.

9. Manganelo

Manganelo has different sections like the latest, newest, and hot manga section, and provides high-quality manga scans. It looks and user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate through different manga Content.

Manganelo is made for real manga lovers who need an extensive collection of various genre mangas and it is regularly updated as well. This website allows users to scroll vertically making reading much more interesting.

10. MangaPanda

True manga lovers will find MangaPanda an amazing website for accessing manga comics, users can access 1000s of high-quality comics.MangaPanda can be accessed via phone, computer, or tablet.

MangaPanda provides various features one of them surprised me, this feature site will choose what you want to read today and can help you to discover your new favorites as well.

A user-friendly interface allows users to switch between different categories. Besides reading, users can also watch anime but MangaPanda has a limited collection of anime. The interface of MangaPanda is very much similar to that of MangaStream.

11. MangaStream

This website provides a vast collection and number of genres to choose from. This website provides manga comics for free and provides high-quality manga comics. It has all genres from romance to thriller and from horror to science fiction, MangaStream.

today is a very amazing website to access different comics but also users find this website with a very straightforward interface and it lets you quickly sign up free. Users do get annoyed by the fact that advertisement comes in between.

12. MangaReborn

MangaReborn has a wide library of comics, white and maroon-themed MangaReborn an alternative to MangaStream has a very visually appealing and friendly interface.

It also has forums and comment sections where users can express and get updated. This website is available in many different languages like Italian and German. MangaReborn is focused on providing the world with many unrecognized mangas. It had a very large manga community.

13. MangaEden

MangaEden is not very much visually appealing like others but it is definitely enough to fulfill your manga comic cravings.MangaEden doesn’t provide a resume reading option, but it is the simplest and easiest site to read.it aims at people who speak Italian and English.

Advertisement doesn’t pop up frequently on your pc version and on your mobile version even if it shows up it doesn’t interfere with your reading, some features can only be accessed when one registers.

14. MangaKakalot

Best website for the newbie manga fans, because of its easy to use features. It has a massive collection of manga with full volumes as well. Provides a good variety of manga comics and also a search option where you find selective comics according to your wish.

Users are allowed to access this website from any device. Mangakakalot allows users to access websites quickly and easily.

It updates users with the latest versions and chapters of comics Strongly suggest to the ones who have just started their manga comic cravings.it is gaining more and more popularity because of its broad collection of manga comics.

15. Mangago

With its easy to use and explicit interface, Mangago is one of the best alternatives of MangaStream, it has a comprehensive range of comics, the most liked ones are Astro boy, Naruto, Dragon Ball z, and many more.

Mangago also provides a section or forum where users can interact, post queries, and discuss with other readers as well. Can be accessed from any device, it doesn’t show any ad therefore pop ads don’t ruin your reading experience.

Every user suggests Mangago to others for its not -ending entertainment. Users can access all the comics with high convenience. It also provides users with an update section where they can get regular updates about websites or comics. It has a massive collection of manga comics.

16. MangaReader

Next on the list of best alternatives of MangaStream is MangaReader. Its website is very much similar to the original MangaStream. This website provides a classic interface and free access to every comic present on it. Users can find their comics by searching from A-Z names.

Scenes are of super print and high quality and it can be accessed from any device. MangaReader also has a surprise me section where users can read randomly selected comics. It provides a lot of English manga comics and amazing content for readers.

17. ComiXology

One of the well-known names in the world of digital manga comics, and because of such huge popularity, it is available on iOS and Android both.┬áIt may not be an ideal choice for the ones who wish to have free access to manga comics, because this website requires payment but it’s worth it.

It has a huge database of digital manga comics and users can read the selected ones according to their preferences. It allows users to read a variety of manga comics in English, also it has different varieties like Chinese, American, and much more.

Quick and easy to use website with a fantastic interface is gaining huge popularity among manga fans.

18. Viz Media

The last on the list of best alternatives of MangaStream comes viz media. It is not only limited to manga comics but also allows users to watch Japanese anime and stories.

Viz media provides free access to certain comics but it also includes a lot of in-app purchases, and if you are accessing this website from pc then you’ll need to have a subscription plan but its huge collection of comics makes it all worth it.

Users can get manga and anime in English as well and they can also customize their search by typing the title of a particular comic in the search option. Viz media is popularly known as a library of manga comics and anime among their fans.

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MangaStream was shut down upon the request of manga creators because it was violating copyright infringement laws of creators by posting their content without their consent.

These alternatives might not give you the same experience as MangaStream but it also has certain advantages for users and also has its own features which make them the best alternatives of MangaStream.

The word manga is itself enormous and there are many platforms for manga lovers. I hope these above alternatives of MangaStream can help you to enjoy your favorite manga comics, so what are you waiting to start your journey of manga reading with these above-mentioned sites.