9 Best Sites Like 9Anime to Watch Anime Online Free

Today’s generation is so interested in watching Anime, and it is one of the best sources of entertainment. The popular Anime streaming website is 9Anime, which offers a great variety of Anime episodes online and allows its users and viewers to download them for no cost.

The interface of this website is very simple in that it provides us the shortcut menu through which we can select the further categories of Anime for which we are looking for. In case if someone is not able to understand their language, then they can go for the subtitles that are available, and you can find dubbed videos also there.

The other feature of 9Anime is that it allows its users to download videos in the quality they want to and provides excellent quality. There is a huge range of different categories of Anime that are rendering by this website. You can filter your result by the latest seasons or by the latest episodes.


To watch Anime from this website and to download them, you don’t need to register yourself on this website. You can find anything here, either it’s trending or not, the latest or not. There is a vast collection of Anime content here, and they are more than any other website’s content.

9 Best Sites Like 9Anime to Watch Anime Movies and TV Shows

In case if you are facing any problem while accessing 9Anime, then there are few more options that you can select to watch Anime. So, the top 9 alternatives to 9Anime are following, and the best thing is that they all are similar to 9Anime.

1. KissAnime

The KissAnime is one of the best alternatives for the 9Animr, and it also provides high-quality free streaming of the Amines to its viewers. It is mainly used most in countries such as China and Japan and acquired very high popularity. This website contains a vast amount of content, and you can find any series or content on this website.

There is mostly content that is created in Japanese countries, such as Manga series and other Anime series. The makers of this website update their website daily so that the users get the best and latest content.

Later on, you will get the best dubbed and subbed Anime here, with the content having English subtitles so that everyone can understand these series in HD resolution. The interface of the website is very easy and user friendly, and very easy to access.

There is no interference between your search and series as no ads will be there, but for that, you need to do the registration. Kiss Anime is similar to the 9Anime site, and you can easily download content from the same.

2. AnimeHeros

The next best alternative to 9Anime is AnimerHeros, which offers users to watch and download Anime and Tv shows from the website. This website is one of the safest ways to search the different Anime content.

The downloading and loading speed of this website is excellent, and it allows its users to watch HD movies, ranging from 720p to 1080p. Along with these, no advertisement will display on your screen while you are watching videos or movies.

There is a straightforward and easy interface of Anime Heroes, and it is very interactive. You can find offline and online videos by downloading them or by watching them directly on the website.

There are a bunch of videos that are dubbed as well, and it makes this very easy for the users to access the videos and making it one of the best website.

3. KuroAni

KuroAni is another best alternative for the 9Amine, and it provides the best online streaming for different Anime and cartoons.  This website offers a great range of movies and cartoons just for free, and users can search for any content. There is a huge range of movies, but you can find Anime shows, and Tv shows also. You can find offline and online videos by downloading them or by watching them directly on the website.

The best part of this website is that it doesn’t ask for registration from the users while they are streaming movies. So, you can watch anything on that site without any registration process, and it will be a great source for browsing series.

This KuroAni is also one of the best alternatives and easily available for users.

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is the website that is considered as another best alternative for 9Anime, and it is very popular among the users. The interface of this website is very wonderful, and this website can enlist the Anime you want to see and your favorite ones also.

GoGo Anime has its mobile application. The users can download this so that they can easily access everything, especially the videos and movies in this app. This website also provides users dubbed versions of different Anime movies and videos that are accessed by everyone around the world, along with the English subtitles.

The best part is that, like other websites, this website also doesn’t cost anything for watching and downloading movies. The best feature of this website that others rarely or do not provide is that an open platform where the users of this website can discuss their problems and share their ideas. You can share feedback and innovative ideas on this website.

The users will get the best and supportive customer care from the Go Go Anime. You can find out anything of ant type, any genres, either it is the latest episode or not, any seasons here.

5. Hulu

When it comes to movies and video streaming websites, that how we can forget about the leading website, Hulu. Hulu is one of the best online streaming websites which provides the best and premium content to their users. If you want to see any live show or want any other then, you can access on-demand channels on this website very quickly. There are approximately 20 million subscribers of this website only from the US, and this website is very famous among users.

This website ranked as the top online streaming website. You can search for any kind of content on this site, either it is an Anime show, movie, or web series. The network of this website is very vast, and they provide users ocean of series and Anime movies.

6. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is another best alternative for 9Anime with a huge database of different Anime and other content. This website provides its users all types of content. Along with a huge range of Anime ranges from the original ones to the dubbed ones.  Here, instead of movies, you can also find there informative content for Anime drama, movies, series as well as TV shows.

The best feature of the AnimeUltima is it provides you a poll in which you get the best series and movies, and this will create events and forums. Although, Anime Ultima is one of the best and most wonderful platforms to download and to watch movies and series along with TV shows of Anime.

7. Crunchyroll

The next website for Anime movies and serial is Crunchyroll. This website is free only for those who use iOS and Android. But for PC users, they have to pay to watch movies without any problem. This Crunchyroll has a huge range of movies, shows, series, and dramas with a count of approximately 25,000 different episodes, and there are the latest Anime series videos of approximately 15,000 hours.

Users can easily discover or search a new collection and world of all the latest and most trending videos and Anime shoes of an all-time favorite with an HD resolution. Here, dubbed versions, as well as series with English subtitles, are available.

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8. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams is the next best alternative for 9Anime, which comes with a great and interactive as well as very simple interface and consisting of the latest and most trending videos on the homepage of the website.

This huge collection of different genres, movies, videos, shows, and drama makes them all together with a hub. On Anime Streams, you can easily search your choice just by using keywords, and with only a single click, that video is on your main page.

Anime Streams also provides users dubbed versions of different Anime movies and videos that are accessed by everyone around the world along with English subtitles. On this website, the best part is that they will be no pop-ups to interrupt you while you are watching shows or series.

9. 123Anime

The final website in this list is 123Anime, which is also one of the best alternatives for 9Anime. This website will offer all types of amines and shows that are latest as well as trending without any cost.

The look and way to Operate are somewhat similar to the social networking sites. This website allows you to talk or to discuss ideas with other Anime lovers with the option of live chatting.

123Animes also provides users dubbed versions of different Anime movies and videos that are accessed by everyone around the world along with the English subtitles. These all features make this website the best alternative for 9Anime.


So, finally, there are 9 alternatives to 9Anime, especially for the lovers of Anime serial, shows, and drama. On these all websites, you will get new features, and you can easily download and load content from these websites with the HD resolution. The best thing is that there is no malicious content on these websites.

So, these websites are not harmful to your system. So, you can download any video, show, or movie from these 9 websites if you are facing any problem in 9Anime. Enjoy your time and watch easily whatever you want to.