Who is the Master of Simon Says

How to play the game Simon Says. The timeless game of Simon Says is perfect for a day at the beach, a long car ride, or even just as an icebreaker. As “Simon” gives you instructions, pay close attention. If “Simon” tells you to do something, move quickly. Nevertheless, if “Simon” doesn’t and you still do it, you’re out!

Who is the Master of Simon Says

Who is the Master of Simon Says


3 minimum, more is better because it makes for more fun

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Play a game

The others are known as the players, while one is designated as Simon. Simon explains what needs to be done while facing the players. However, the players are only required to comply with orders that start with “Simon Says.”

Players must touch their noses if Simon says, “Simon says touch your nose.” Players must not, however, jump if Simon simply says, “jump,” without first saying, “Simon says.” Those who jump are ejected.


As long as you follow the rules, you can win the game! The winner and new Simon are the two remaining contestants. If you’re Simon, your goal is to trick the players into doing something they shouldn’t by giving them orders.

Simon, Who is he?

In America, we refer to Simon as the game’s commander and master. Other nations have different names for the head of state.

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He is known as “Jacques” in France, “Herzl” in Hebrew, and “O’Grady” is revered by the Irish. Scandinavians view the game more hierarchically: In Finland, “the Captain commands,” and in Norway, “the King commands.” Thanks for reading our article Who is the Master of Simon Says. Continue reading and have a good day.