How To Write On A PDF Document

Don’t know how to edit a PDF or write on it? No worries because we have got your back. You will find different methods in this article to tell you about the different ways in which you can edit a PDF Document.

It is quite easy once you know the steps. After that, you can edit the document and also add signatures or signatures on the PDF document if so required. So let us get into the article without any further delay.

How To Write On a PDF Document?

There are different ways to write on a PDF Document. We have listed 4 methods in which you can use. Have a look at all the methods.

How To Write On A PDF Document

Please be sure to look through all of them because you never know which one you will need.

They all are tested to be working enough for the majority of the time. So let us begin with the first one and make our way all the way to the bottom.

 Using Abode Reader DC on a PC or Mac

Here is how –

Step 1: Download the Acrobat Reader app for free on your device. It can be used in Windows, Mac, or Android too.

Step 2: Click on the Tools tab. Then you need to click on Fill & Sign. It is the pencil icon on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Select your PDF. This can be done by selecting the PDF and then click on open.

Step 4: Select the blue Fill & Sign. This will make your PDF open and ready to be typed on.

Step 5: Click on the Ab icon. It is the blue icon in the toolbar. This will make the text tool useful.

Step 6: Click on the place where you want to add text in the PDF document.

Step 7: Enter the text and then adjust the text size. Then you can type in all you want. Add more text to more areas if you want. Then save the changes and close the document.

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Using Preview on a Mac

Here is how –

Step 1: Open the PDF document that you want to write on in the Preview app. You can do this on the PDF by double-clicking on it or at the Preview app.

Step 2: If the PDF document that you want to edit is a form kind of PDF then you do not need any editing tools. You can just select the boxes which you want to fill and then type in.

Step 3: Clicking the pencil icon on the top of the toolbar will open the Markup toolbar. Click on the T button of this toolbar.

Step 4: Select the place where you want to insert the text. You can also select the font size and style of the text. This can be done by clicking on the A button.

Step 5: You can also add your signature at the bottom of the PDF Document if you want. Click on the signature icon on the toolbar and then click on create the signature.

Step 6: Once you have traces your signature you can add it to your PDF Document.Now after making all the desired changes in the PDF document, save it and then exit.

 Using Markup on an iPhone or iPad

Here is how –

Step 1: Tap on the PDF document that you want to open. This can be on the device you are using or on the cloud or even on the email.

Step 2: On the top right corner of the screen is the pencil icon. It is used to open the Markup toolbar. Click on it.

Step 3: At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will find a + icon. Click on it to open the additional tools that you will need.

Step 4: Tap text. This will place a small textbox on the PDF document. Tap on the textbox to open a menu with certain options.

Step 5: Tap on the Aa icon from the menu to customize your text according to your own wishes. You can change the color of the text as well as the size of the text too.

Step 6: This all depends on the personal preference of the person. You can also make it seem like the added text is similar to the already existing text on the PDF.

Step 7: Tap the text box and select edit. Now you can type in the text that you want.

Step 8: After you are done typing in whatever you have to add, you can drag the text box to the desired area on the PDF document.You can also add a signature if you want.

 Using Acrobat Reader DC on Android

This is the last way to write on a PDF Document. You can use this application for the process.

Step 1: Download the Acrobat Reader app from the play store. After downloading the app you need to install the app.

Step 2: Then open the Acrobat Reader app after downloading and installing it. When you open it the first time then you will see the option to sign in to your account first.

Step 3: Click on the file icon. This is the second icon on the left panel.

Step 4: Navigate to the PDF that you want to edit on. Tap on this device if you are using an android and then select the one that PDF that you want. You can also browse on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 5: If you have the file on your email then save the attachment file to your device and then you can open it in Acrobat Reader.

Step 6: If the PDF is in your Dropbox or Google drive and you have not linked your account then you should do so otherwise you won’t be able to open those files on the cloud.

Step 7: Tap on the desired PDF file and open it. Select the pencil icon, on the bottom right corner the options will be extended. Then tap fill and sign. A toolbar then will expand on the screen.

Step 8: Tap on the Ab icon to open the text tool. It is the first icon on the top of the screen. Then tap on the place in the PDF document where you want to add the text.

Step 9: Type in the text that you want. Then make some edits to the text if you so want. You can even add a signature at the bottom of the PDF Document.

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