5 Best ‘Ustream’ Alternatives in 2024

When it gets to streaming your video content online, Ustream may be one of the first sites that come to memory. The service is huge, with millions of users and billions of video views every day.

Though it is popular, many users prefer other streaming media solutions, especially in terms of live video streaming. Fortunately, Ustream is just one of many options available. In this article, we will discuss some Ustream streaming media alternatives.

In an era dominated by digital streaming, Ustream emerged as a popular platform that captivated audiences and creators alike. Let’s delve into the world of Ustream, understanding its significance, benefits, and other vital details.


What is Ustream?

Ustream was a live streaming platform that allowed users to broadcast and watch live video content. From individuals streaming their daily lives to companies broadcasting events, Ustream served a vast user base, helping to popularize the concept of real-time content sharing on the internet.

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5 Best Ustream Alternatives

1. YouTube Live Streaming

It is going to be the very last thing on your remembrance once searching for a live streaming aid. However, the characteristic to include stream has been throughout since 2011. A user will have to get compelled to give a phone number that YouTube will apply to validate the user’s account.


Once the account is ready up, the user is going to get supplied with a link that will get accustomed to publically hosted streams. From here, users can begin streaming broadcasts, songs, contests, tutorials, or simply around something a user desires to deal with the remainder of the system.

The service also permits active streamers to move with their viewers. In addition, features like customizing audio or video, monetizing the production with advertisements, creating a highlighted reel, and more get supported.


The drawback of streaming tools from an internet site is that the videos are solely out there online. The choice restricts admittance to folks that do not have a web presence.

2. Livestream

Livestream permits users to either view or telecast live stream videos. Users will view the live native broadcast, games, songs, discussions, and different functions from everywhere around the globe.


Users can telecast live from their smartphone, tablet, associated cameras, or laptop and further observe live video feeds by entering its service. Users will encourage other individuals on Livestream and get published once they are producing a live video stream.


One identified downside of live streaming is that the reduction of production excellence, as well as less on-screen graphics, worse image property, and incapacity to edit.

3. Twitch

It has currently full-grown and is now the world’s leading entertaining video staging and association for gamers. It is familiar to 1.7 million distinctive broadcasters per month and above a hundred million association viewers who choose to look at and refer to video games.

Twitch provisions to game developers, administrators, media breaks, competitions, random content producers, and more.


Twitch offers an app for iOS and Android that users can employ to observe active streams or videos on request moreover as like with different gamers. Users may use Chromecast to broadcast live streams from their portable equipment to the large screen.


Streaming videos need decent information measures to perform, particularly at a more eminent degree. Those with more latent network connections could expertise problems with playback and reduced features since fascinating aids can scale back video property to make sure continuous playback.

4. Bambuser

It gives different layers that provide various live streaming requirements, from an open individual account to different layers. It supplies varied observing times and public influence moreover comes with customization.


Content gets accepted in an exceedingly manner that enables recordings to operate presently after the file starts to transfer. Exclusive streaming media servers conjointly permit spectators to leap ahead with recorded sessions & allow them to watch later.


If the viewer’s net association gets taped throughout playback or they have to look at your content offline, they are going to be outside of opportunity. In these events, think about providing the user a choice to stream and download the video data with proper credits.

5. Periscope

The root of this live streaming app is to provide a real-time resource for those who want to know the latest news about shows and other social events around the world. Periscope is now owned by Twitter, permitting users to stream real-time video to the rest of the world and inform subscribers as soon as the video gets published.


Viewers can interact with the heart through comments and broadcasts. When the live broadcast ends, users can choose whether to provide videos for later viewing. Periscope is available for iOS and Android and is an excellent streaming media tool to watch real-time video anytime, anywhere.


Although the benefits of instant play and the prevention of piracy are attractive to users, they may also be detrimental to you. Because video streaming only works if you have an Internet connection.

Is Ustream Still Working?

No, Ustream is no longer operational in its original form. In 2016, IBM acquired Ustream and subsequently rebranded it as “IBM Cloud Video” in 2018. This means that while the Ustream brand has ceased to exist, its legacy continues under a new banner with enhanced features tailored for enterprise users.

Who is the Founder of Ustream?

Ustream was co-founded by John Ham, Brad Hunstable, and Gyula Fehér in 2007. The platform was born out of a desire to help soldiers in Iraq connect with their families, evolving into a broader tool for live video streaming.

Benefits of Ustream:

  1. Real-time Interaction: Ustream provided a platform for broadcasters to interact with viewers in real-time, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.
  2. Diverse Content: From music concerts and gaming to seminars and workshops, Ustream catered to various content categories.
  3. Accessibility: Ustream was accessible on multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring users could tune in from anywhere.
  4. Social Media Integration: Users could share their streams or favorite content on social media platforms, boosting viewership and engagement.
  5. Monetization Options: For content creators, Ustream offered monetization opportunities through advertising and pay-per-view models.

Is Ustream Safe?

When operational, Ustream had robust security measures in place:

  • Content Moderation: Ustream had guidelines and mechanisms to ensure the content adhered to community standards.
  • Data Protection: Personal data of users was protected with encryption and other safety protocols. However, like any online platform, users were advised to exercise caution, especially when sharing personal information.

Is Ustream Free?

Ustream operated on a freemium model. Basic broadcasting and viewing were available for free, but the platform also offered premium plans with advanced features like HD broadcasting, analytics, and ad-free streaming. Post its transition to IBM Cloud Video, the pricing structures were revamped to cater to enterprise clientele.

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Real-time video is revolutionizing the digital media industry. As technology becomes cheaper, the cost of streaming media is falling. Today, almost anyone with access to cameras and the internet can stream.

To assist you with this digitalized world & help you finalize the alternatives of Ustream, we got this article. Hoping it sufficed your requirements.

Ustream played a pivotal role in popularizing live streaming, offering an avenue for real-time communication and content sharing. Although the platform has evolved and transitioned under IBM’s banner, its legacy as a trailblazer in the digital streaming realm remains intact.

Users and broadcasters who once thrived on Ustream can fondly recall the platform’s golden days while exploring newer, advanced avenues of live streaming today.