13 Best Sites Like Feed2All to Stream Sports

Football! One of the most famous sport on the planet and a game that always keeps you on your feet. It is also the highest watched sport worldwide, and if you are a football fan, you must be familiar with Feed2All. Moreover, it is an online football streaming website and provides many sports broadcasting channels. It covers football and offers online streaming of other sports to engage viewers with various sports without any hindrance.

Sites Like Feed2All to Stream Sports

13 Best Sites Like Feed2All to Stream Sports

If you already are engaged with Feed2All and want a perfect alternative for it, you are on the perfect site as this article covers the best websites that can be an alternative to Feed2All.

1. StopStream

StopStream is an online sports streaming that provides you links for accessing live sports covering a wide range of sports, from football to golf, without any charge. This site could be a perfect alternative for Feed2All as it also has ties with other sports content providers such as USAGoals etc.

2. SportLemon

SportLemon is another online streaming that provides excellent coverage of sports matches and events worldwide in good quality. This website is straightforward to access and can be used without any hindrance. It offers the perfect potential to be your first choice website in relation to online sports streaming.


VIPBoxTV is on the most diversified sports streaming website you can ever come across as it provides a wide variety of sports that other sites might not provide. It covers sports such as Nascar, AFL, Winter Sports, etc, which are not covered by many sports streaming websites. Also, you can access content flawlessly without any major problem.

4. MyP2P

MyP2P is another popular online sports streaming website known for providing a live stream of various sports to their viewers without any cost. Right at the website’s homepage, there is a list of most sport streams from every category like football, American football, hockey, cricket, motorsport, and so on where you can surf and find your ideal sports to watch.

5. StreamComando

StreamComando is considered a reliable streaming website that provides you with a variety of high definition sports. It is not easy to handle like other sites as it is flooded with advertisements, making viewers frustrated. But apart from this, it provides you a good sporing experience.

6. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is considered an ideal alternative for Feed2All as like that it provides a string of links to the viewers from where they can access to their sports live streaming. It also provides viewers with the option of upgrading the content from normal to HD and has ties with various sports channels worldwide.

7. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is a popular online sports streaming site that is also considered an ideal alternative for Feed2All. If you are a hard-core football fan, this website is bliss for you as it covers football league from around the globe and feeds you with live score and the latest football updates.


LAOLA1 is an internationally oriented sports streaming website that covers popular sports such as football, table tennis, badminton, etc from all the leagues across. Like other streaming sites, it is free but provides an option to viewers to sign in their premium pack to avoid advertisements and hindrances that occurred during the time of streaming.

9. RedStreamSport

Redstream sport is a liberated online sports streaming website that allows viewers to watch online sports without any cost and charge and update them with recent sports news happening worldwide. It also offers too many options and allows the users to shuffle between the multiple available streaming instantly.

10. StrikeOut

StrikeOut, as the name suggests, is a website that offers online streaming of ballgames such as baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey. It is quite popular among viewers as it covers some great sports events such as Super Bowl, NFL, Grand Slam, and Champions League.

It provides high definition content without any charge with minimal amounts of ads while live streaming. This website has a black and grey color combination interface that you will find perfect.

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11. fuboTV

FuboTV is one of an American based online streaming site. It is quite popular among viewers as it covers some major American tournaments such as NBA, MLS, NHL, NFL, etc. Unlike other sports streaming sites, it is not free and acquires a certain amount of subscription from its viewers.

It is also not available at every location, so if it is not available at your location, use a VPN. It is known for providing streaming in HD as well as in Ultra HD quality to viewers.

12. MamaHD

Considered to be an amazing alternative to Feed2All, MamaHD is an online sports streaming site that covers a variety of sports from American Football, Ice hockey, Chess, Handball, etc.

This site is not popular like other streaming sites mentioned above but is definitely worthful as they provide live streaming in HD Quality without any charge. For streaming, they provide you 3 links from where you can select and start enjoying your game.

13. StreamHunter

Finally, the last on the list of alternatives to Feed2All is StreamHunter. StreamHunter is a voguish online sports streaming website and is quite similar to Feed2All. Unlike other websites, it also offers several sports categories like Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, MotoGP, etc. It collects the links of the live sports TVs through a decided platform. After that, it allows the viewers to start streaming their favorite sports on a particular sports channel.


As we know, sport is one of the best things in our life. In recent times it has become a serious mode of entertainment and passion for many people. People oblige it as their religion, and especially the popularity of football has reached a new height.

So, it is essential to know about the sports streaming sites. It could help you in endeavoring your passion without any hindrance. We hope this article would help you in finding the best sites through which you can enjoy your game.