7 Adorable Video Ideas for Online Gender Reveal Announcements in 2023

Gender reveal announcements through videos are one of the top trending things to do in 2023. If you are expecting, you might already be brainstorming ideas on how to celebrate this occasion.

You might have planned everything down to the teeth, but you might be struggling with making videos to share some of your most memorable moments.

7 Adorable Video Ideas for Online Gender Reveal Announcements in 2023

The process of making videos can be intimidating. Hence, we have a list of things you should do to make sure your gender reveal video is the most attractive and adorable out of everything your viewers have ever seen.

1. Choose A Fitting Template

When you are using online video editing software, the feature of having templates is what trumps anything else. With a wide range of templates across different genres and themes, you are sure to find one that suits you. Decide what type of tone you want to set with your video and choose a template accordingly.

Choose A Fitting Template

One advantage that a template has over making a video from scratch is that you do not have to bother with small layout details. It is all ready for you, and you can even make changes in the template to suit your requirements more. None of these features are rigid.

You can find a diverse range of templates at a free online slideshow maker.

2. Incorporate A Theme

Having a theme throughout your video gives it a uniformity that will result in a better visual appeal. Some common theme examples are Prince or Princess, Disney, Pink vs. Blue, and so on.

However, you do not have to restrict yourself to these themes. Try to come up with something entirely new for your video.

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For instance, if you want to stray from the usual blue and pink themes, you can opt for completely gender-neutral colors like yellow. It is not only different in terms of a theme but makes your video more inclusive.

3. Share Some Party Moments

If you are making this gender reveal video to send out to your family and friends after having the party, you could consider putting in little snippets of the event in the video too. Have a professional videographer shoot the whole thing and then incorporate special moments from the party in your main video.

Share Some Party Moments

A small portion of your video could include a slideshow of photos in it with some great background music. In fact, you could record the main gender reveal that you used in the party and then put it as it is in the video.

Showing some party moments will add more life to the whole reveal. Include shots of games, music, snippets of the cake, and everything else at the party to make it more attractive.

4. Include Cartoon Characters

Making anything related to babies and kids and not including cartoon characters? How is that even possible?

No matter what you put in the video, nothing will shine brighter than having some popular cartoon characters in it.

You can get creative with these cartoons too. Have one of them be constant throughout the video and include voiceovers where it seems like they are the ones taking the viewer through the whole video.

Do narrations and jokes in their voice. This cartoon might as well be the mascot of your video. You can also use InVideo’s invitation maker to tie it all together.

5. Be In The Video

If you personally address the video instead of using text to talk about things, it will give your video a personal touch.

Take some time out, set up basic equipment, and shoot yourself and your partner talking about what the experience meant to you, how you appreciate all the love and support that you have received through all of this, etc.

You can put this clip towards the end of the video and sign-off with it, or use it to introduce the video. This video should be less than a minute and to the point.

The whole idea here is not to take away the fun of the video while also maintaining a personal address. To do this, keep all the information as concise as possible and let the rest of your elements take the lead.

6. The Gender Reveal

When it comes to the actual moment, there are a lot of things you can do to make your gender reveal unique. Many expecting parents try using a cake or cupcake with a blue or pink filling to reveal the gender.

Gender reveal cake

What’s interesting about this method is that even the parents don’t know the gender yet: the results from the doctor are sent directly to the cake shop. Sharing that moment of surprise with your friends and family can make for a lovely and heartwarming gender reveal announcement.

Some other parents have their pets or older kids do the gender reveal. For instance, the kids shoot darts on a board full of balloons that are filled with either blue or pink confetti. Using a piƱata with pink or blue dust in it or enacting the whole thing in the form of a drama-like musical or song can be equally enjoyable.

7. Other Effects

Online video editing websites offer a lot of other effects, enhancers, and editing options that make your video a lot more appealing than expected. Use these effects to the best of your capacity and make the viewing experience a delight for the people you send the video to.

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You can even use stickers and GIFs that are currently at the top of all trends and make your video better that way. It is important to decide what to include and what to remove so that the video isn’t overly stuffed with effects.


Use the above tips to the best of your judgment and balance out all the features that a video editing website provides to make a visually pleasant video. After all, this is a video you will savor for the rest of your life. Always make sure you do not face laptop plugged in not charging issue during making video. Always check charging of your Laptop.

We know you have a party to plan and a video to shoot, so without any further delays, get going and nail your gender reveal announcement!