Why Is The Super Bowl Ball So Dark

If you’re a devoted football fan and even enjoy playing the game, you’ve probably noticed that the super bowl football is much darker than the ones you can buy at the store. Has the thought “Why is the Super Bowl football so dark?” ever crossed your mind? So here is your response.

How Can I Darken the Super Bowl Football?

Here are the eight steps you must take if you want to know why the super bowl football is so dark and how to make your store-bought ones of a similar shade.

Why Is The Super Bowl Ball So Dark

First Step

Brushing the football vigorously is the first step to transforming your store-bought football into one from the Super Bowl. For the best outcome, there is a specific pattern that you should adhere to. It should first be brushed in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise, upward, and finally downward.

The leather formula is sold by numerous businesses. One can be purchased from any business. It assists in spreading the leather mixture evenly across the surface of the ball as you brush it. Increased grip on the football is a result of brushing the ball.

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Second Step

The tack spray and the conditioner are the two products needed for this step. The stitching that holds the leather of the ball together is referred to as “tack.” The ratio of the two products is set.

Two parts of the conditioner are combined with one part of the tack spray. The tack spray’s function is to aid in the condition’s adhesion to the leather when applied to it. Deflate the ball to about 8 psi while performing the second step in order to facilitate the conditioner’s easy absorption into the leather.

Third Step

You must have gloves for this step. Wear it to spread the conditioner and tack spray mixture evenly across the football. Allow the ball to dry for about five minutes after you are satisfied that you have evenly distributed the variety and covered it. You should then double-check to see if the layering was even. Use the brush to level it out if you find any areas where it is uneven.

Fourth Step

The fourth step is to dry it perfectly after completing the first three cleansing steps and using the conditioner. You can use a blow dryer or even a heat gun, depending on what is close at hand. After separating the ball from it by at least 5 inches, use the tools to dry out the conditioner. The phrase “drying out” the conditioner might be a little misleading because what’s really happening is that the conditioner is gradually being absorbed into the leather.

  • You must adhere to specific safety precautions when using either of the aforementioned drying techniques.
  • When applying heat, be careful not to leave a spot heated for too long. Maintain a particular motion to ensure that the entire football dries uniformly.
  • Heat up a specific area for a brief period of time.
  • To expedite the process, kindly avoid using it at the highest temperature.

Fifth Step

Fifth Step The ball becomes slightly stickier after the blow-drying step. It’s time for another layering once the conditioner has completely dried. To apply, you may use a towel. If you’ve ever questioned why super bowl football is so dark, read on! You’re about to be shocked when you accomplish that on your own.

The leather changes colour and gets darker, like the Super Bowl footballs, when you reapply another layer of conditioner. The leather’s ability to absorb more moisture is indicated by the colour change.

Sixth Step

Your football mud would be needed for this step. From the enormous selection of products that are offered online, you can purchase the football mud of your choice. Simply create a slurry by combining “Rubbing Mud” and water. It shouldn’t be excessively thick or thin. Apply this mixture to the football, covering it with a thin layer.

You must take care of two things in this step.

  • Kindly refrain from letting the mud get inside the lace holes and block them.
  • Avoid using a layer that is so thick that the logo on the ball is impossible to read.

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The Last Step

The final step entails brushing the ball one last time. With this, the mud will be brushed into the ball rather than off of it. The super bowl football may be too dark for you, but the one you made appears dusty. Hey!! Not to worry! After lightly coating the ball with conditioner, fill it with “13 psi” of air. You’ll observe that the difference is no longer discernible.