Keisha Lance Bottoms its Time to Pass the Baton

Keisha Lance Bottoms will take on the role of Senior Advisor to the President for Public Engagement, according to President Biden’s announcement made today.

In this position, Bottoms will be in charge of the White House Office of Public Engagement, which works at the local, state, and federal levels to guarantee that community leaders, diverse viewpoints, and fresh voices have the chance to influence the President’s work in a welcoming, open, and accountable manner.

“Mayor Bottoms understands that democracy is about making government work for working families, for the people who are the foundation of this country,” said Vice President Biden.

Keisha Lance Bottoms its Time to Pass the Baton

Through the pandemic, a painful summer of protests, and the mass shooting that terrorised Atlanta’s Asian American community, she bravely led the city of Atlanta.

Keisha possesses the qualities needed to represent our Administration to the American people: she is intelligent, honourable, tough, and has integrity. Keisha is someone Jill and I have known for a long time and we are eager to collaborate with her more closely.

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Keisha Lance Bottoms, the 60th mayor of Atlanta, has been a formidable presence in American politics. As she makes her exit from the public arena, it’s vital to look back at her accomplishments, personal life, and the legacy she leaves behind in Atlanta.

Senior Advisor to the President for Public Engagement, Keisha Lance Bottoms

In addition to serving as the 60th Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Keisha Lance Bottoms is a political commentator for CNN. She is a pioneering leader who has elevated equitable outcomes to the top of politics and business.

Keisha, who had previously held positions as a judge and a city council member, made history by becoming the first mayor in Atlanta’s history to have experience in all three levels of government.

As mayor, she pledged to work toward making “One Atlanta” a reality; an affordable, resilient, and equitable Atlanta. Keisha, who took office on January 2nd of this year, presided over Atlanta during one of its most trying periods in its history.

After dealing with a cyberattack that almost destroyed city operations, as well as during a pandemic, racial justice movement, and other pressing issues, Keisha rose to prominence as an expert on the opportunities and challenges that face American cities and leaders.

The Bottoms Administration was able to negotiate and complete the largest real estate redevelopment transaction in Atlanta history and one of the largest in the Southeast United States while navigating these unprecedented challenges.

As a result, residents of the entire city received millions of dollars in community benefits. In order to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the City and its agencies, Keisha took proactive measures.

As a result, the Bottoms Administration produced four years of balanced budgets without resorting to property tax increases, layoffs, or furloughs of City employees during one of the worst economic downturns the world has ever seen.

The City’s reserves remained at a near-high of $181M at the end of her term, far exceeding the limits imposed by the City Charter.

The Bottoms Administration reclaimed its title as operating the busiest and most effective airport in the world while also making groundbreaking advancements in criminal justice reform and making the city a leader in LGBTQ issues.

In Advance of the 2022 Midterm Elections, the President Announced Additional Promotions to His Senior Team.

President’s statement: “I am pleased to announce two historic promotions to our senior team ahead of the midterm elections. Stuart Delery and Julie Rodriguez are committed public servants who bring different viewpoints and a shared commitment to addressing the pressing problems our country is currently facing.

“Dana Remus has been an invaluable member of my senior staff for the past three years and helped restore a culture of adherence to the rule of law. I am sincerely grateful for her service. I hope she has a successful future.

Stuart Delery, White House Counsel and Assistant to the President

Stuart Delery will take over as the new Assistant to the President and White House Counsel, the President announced. After Dana Remus leaves the White House in the following month, he will take over the position.

In his current position as the President’s Deputy Counsel, Stuart Delery has provided guidance on important administration priorities like the COVID-19 response, the American Rescue Plan, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

The third-ranking position at the U.S. Department of Justice, Stuart is the former Acting Associate Attorney General of the United States and the most senior openly LGBT+ official in DOJ history.

Prior to that, Stuart was an Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division who had been confirmed by the Senate.

In that capacity, he oversaw the legal defence of congressional legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act, and agency actions, as well as the widespread implementation of the Supreme Court’s landmark United States v. Windsor decision on LGBTQ+ rights.

Stuart has also served as a partner at WilmerHale and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. Stuart served as a law clerk for Eleventh Circuit Judge Gerald Bard Tjoflat, Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Sandra Day O’Connor, and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Stuart, who is from Louisiana, graduated from Yale Law School and the University of Virginia. Stuart’s husband and their two kids reside in Washington, D.C.

The Baton Passes On

Why is Keisha Lance Bottoms leaving the White House? It’s essential to clarify that Keisha Lance Bottoms was not part of the White House administration. Her decision to not seek a second term as Atlanta’s mayor was personal.

Like many leaders before her, Bottoms felt it was the right time to pass the baton and allow fresh perspectives to lead the city forward.

Keisha’s Current Endeavors

After announcing her decision not to run for re-election, many have wondered, What is Keisha Lance Bottoms doing? While specifics about her next chapter are under wraps, she remains active in community initiatives, pushing for progressive change and voicing her opinions on national issues.

A Glimpse into Keisha’s Personal Life

Is Keisha Lance Married? Yes, she is. Keisha Lance Bottoms’ husband is Derek W. Bottoms. The couple shares a strong bond, with Derek often being a pillar of support during Keisha’s tenure as mayor.

The White House’s Inhabitants

A common question about the US presidency is, Who all stay in the White House? The White House is the official residence of the sitting US President and their immediate family. The staff and security personnel also have specific quarters, ensuring smooth operations and the safety of the President.

Atlanta’s Mayoral Legacy

When reflecting on Atlanta’s history, it’s intriguing to note the various leaders that have shaped its growth. Who was the last white mayor of Atlanta? That would be Sam Massell, who served from 1970 to 1974.

Furthermore, how many mayors has Atlanta had? Keisha Lance Bottoms was the 60th mayor, indicating that 59 other individuals had held this esteemed position before her.

Keisha’s Sorority Affiliation

A lesser-known aspect of Keisha’s life is her sorority affiliation. What sorority is Keisha Lance Bottoms a part of? She is a proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, an organization known for its community service and commitment to education.

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Keisha Lance Bottoms’ leadership in Atlanta will be remembered for its dedication to the community, progressive changes, and personal integrity. As she passes the baton, her legacy remains, encouraging future leaders to uphold the same values and commitment to the city’s growth.