5 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iOS

Hello music lovers!! Trouble finding the best music app for your phone? Don’t worry, we have something for you. It’s not too tricky to find out the best music app. Nowadays, you can find all of your favorite songs on music apps present in the market.

There are many music streaming apps, which goes up and down every year. But there exists some service which remains best for the rest of the times. Let’s go to our article to list the best 5 music apps for streaming music, which is provided free of cost for your Android and iOS device. If you are looking for such an app for your Android device, you must look at our article. So, let’s get started.

5 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iOS

It contains a list of the best 5 music apps to listen to free music on smartphones. A lot of music platforms are available in the market but may provide different features. This is a list of the best 5 apps from which you can choose one.

1. Deezer

Breezer app is found to be one of the best apps for streaming music. It provides a free version that allows you to stream the FLOW feature of Deezer, in which you can find new artists and enjoy the playlists and mixes according to your own choices.

It also provides lyrics of your mixes and playlist’s songs and unlimited creations, which belong to individual artists. A premium version is also available of Deezer, which provides you many more features such as audio in high quality, listening offline, and Auto support for Android if you wish to. Although sometimes the app may seem pretty rough on the edges.

2. Google Play Music/YouTube Music

Google Play Music is very popular to stream music. It provides you an incredible feature that allows you to upload 50,000 songs to stream them personally. This app is the best option if you are looking for a free music app, and you want a combination of online service and your current collection of songs.

It provides a free version that allows you to enjoy your music and stream other playlists. It’s paid version is provided with a lot more features than the free version. But the free version is also not bad. It provides podcasts in both versions.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio music application is one of the most popular names amongst music lovers. This is a radio application that allows you to stream a wide range of music stations according to your own choice. It is also provided with a seasonal radio station, comedy shows, podcasts, and talk radio.

FM and AM radio stations are also included in it, which allows data streaming and allows you to stream sports and news also. This app is versatile, which is a Material Design UI, modern, and also provided with some other stuff such as Android auto support, Android wear, and Chromecast support.

4. Jango Radio

Jango Radio is like a wildcard in the world of music apps provided for free. You can stream a wide variety of music on it from both independent artists and those having big names. Unlike other apps, it pays the independent artists for every play, which means artists get paid for when you hear.

Although it has some of the issues of potential ethical. One of the best things about this app is, it is free of ads. You will receive no ads while streaming your favorite music, and that’s why you will not get disturbed.

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5. LiveXLive

In 2019, LiveXLive replaced Slacker Radio, having much more similar features. It allows you to stream free music with many play stations, which covers a large number of genres. Normally, it is like a black and green Pandora. It also provides a premium version, which you can buy if you wish to access some other features.

Although the free version is also not bad as it provides all the essential features. It also provides live music when demanded or the service of station streaming. It is not that much good as it needs to work more on it. One of the other cons is it only uses a credit card or carrier billing and not Google play.


This article is dedicated to music lovers. We have mentioned a list of the best 5 apps to stream music without paying any money on your Android devices. There are many apps on which you can listen to your favorite music, but some may cost money, and some are not that good enough. So this list is for you to find the best music app.