Top 7 Best Apps for French Learners in 2021

Games used to be just fun only a few years ago. Yet, today they are much more. For example, you can play casino games to get money or download one of these apps to learn French.

7 Best Apps for French Learners in 2021

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the number one app in the Learning category. It does not require much time. Spend only 20 minutes a day, and during this time, you will have time to do 3-4 lessons. For three months, you will have 1500 words in your vocabulary.

Duolingo For French Learning

The French language version has 60 lessons. These include adjectives, question words, tenses, and abstract nouns. All vocabulary and grammar is broken down into blocks. It’s easy to choose what you need to tighten up.

2. Memrise

All the tasks at Memrise are very funny and creative. Besides, they are not created by professionals, but by members of the Memrise community. This means that the pictures and situations have been tested by other people who are learning French. This method is effective and not boring at all.

There are several levels of difficulty for users: from beginner to advanced. All of them are conditionally divided into 15 groups: verbs, colors, words to describe emotions. and so on.

3. Busuu

Each lesson has several categories: vocabulary, dialogue, speaking practice, listening, and written exercises. The program has a lot of vocabulary topics and special attention to grammatical rules. You will improve your speaking, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension of French.

4. FluentU

You can learn French through funny, emotional, and informative videos. The videos are collected from all over the web. So, you can hear the real French speech: clips, TV shows, commercials, movie trailers. Each video comes with interactive subtitles. You can choose the video according to your level of French.

5. MosaLingua

MosaLingua combines interactive learning of French with an audio dictionary. There are 14 categories and 100 subcategories. In each category and subcategory, there are dialogues and audio files. By the way, the audio dictionary is more than 3000 phrases.

MosaLingua French Learning App

By choosing MosaLingua, you will use the technique of interval repetition to learn French. It means that the program will remind you of the vocabulary you have learned. So, you will not forget it.

6. Open Language

Open Language is popular among users because of its academic structure. Here the lesson is built out of many components, but first, it starts with a dialogue around which the rest of the lesson is built.

After the lesson, you can go to the vocabulary section or do a written assignment on a given topic. You can ask questions in the discussions section.

7. SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy French is not so much a learning app as a modern phrasebook where every word or phrase was spoken by natives. It’s a handy app if you already have a certain amount of knowledge but would like to tighten your vocabulary and pronunciation. It is convenient that it can slow down the playback of the audio track, as well as flashcards to memorize words.