22 Apps That Are Perfect For ‘Science Apps’ Built For iOS

What iOS apps based on science are available in the market? Are education apps available on the internet? If you ever face these questions, then this is the article for you. Are you worried where you can get professional essay editing service on your iOS platform?

Experts are here to help you. We are going to cover twenty free apps which are science-based. The apps work for iOS, iPads, and iPhones.

Best Science Apps

22 Best Science Apps for iOS

Now it’s time to check out the best Science Apps.

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1. The Google Science Journal

The Google Science Journal is an app that Google invented to help students study science through a smartphone.

  • It Measures sound, light, acceleration, and more.
  • It also Jots out notes.

2. edX

It is an online platform that deals with courses and learning.

Available courses:

  1. Computer science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and engineering

3. TED

It is a longstanding lecture and talks series. It includes a lot of topics, with most of them being scientific.


  1. It has over one hundred subtitles which ensure the most minimal language barrier.

4. TerraceGenesis

For those who love mobile games, here is an app for you. It is a game that teaches as the player plays it.


  1. Biosphere simulator.
  2. You can take over new planets.

5. Bio Inc: Biomedical Plague

The epidemic simulation was created for fun and studying.


  1. A hundred biomedical realistic conditions.
  2. Spread of diseases simulation.

6. The Sandbox

Challenge series that require scientific knowledge to win.


  1. Over two hundred physics elements.
  2. Grown your town tech-wise and constructions.

7. Brilliant

Offers science courses.


  1. Guide you through scientific discovery.
  2. Has weekly problems to solve.

8. Biomes Viewer

Allows a user to discover more about the ecosystem.


  1. It has more than sixteen thousand animal biodiversity data.
  2. Climate conditions.
  3. It focuses on the human and ecosystem correlation.

9. YouTube

YouTube is an app that has a lot of video content to learn from.

10. Science Challenging Quiz

An app you can use to learn science through quizzes.

11. Bitsboard

It produces learning content through basic learners game format and flashcards.


  1. Thousands of flashcards.

12. Fun Science for Kids

Allows a user to surf through science academic content.


  1. Run experiments.

13. eBird

Helps users document bird discoveries.

14. Educational Dinosaur for kids

Focuses on helping the student understand more about dinosaurs.


  1. It is a child-friendly app and not childish.

15. 3D Galaxy Map

it is an app for students who have a genuine love for space. It covers astronomy vastly.


  1. Details on every star in the sky.

16. CHI Encyclopedia of Animals

Discover more about animals from this app which displays in three-D view.

17. NSF science Zone

Includes thousands of scientific facts that can help you unlock scientific discoveries.


  1. Filter out facts that interest you to go through later.

18. Chemistry and Homework

It helps students in high school with chemistry equations

19. Nova Element

It takes an in-depth look at the periodic table.

20. iNaturalist

It explores nature on a whole other level.

21. GenomeCache

It Explores the human genome realm and MacMillian Park in a students’ engaging way.

22. Play and Learn the Science

It is an app for young kids which helps them learn scientific facts at a young age.

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If you ever strain to find the perfect science app to use, I believe this article has helped you a lot. Find your match and start exploring the world of science.