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Europe Opens The Door To Visitors, Airlines Pounce At The Opportunity

Countries like Croatia, Greece, Iceland, and Italy have started allowing visitors from the U.S. and other nations for the first time in a year. This has sent the airlines to jump at...

India Opens Its Door To Quarantine Free Travel for Tourists From 99 Countries

India had been under quarantine for over 20 months. They have not been allowing anyone to enter into the country from the foreign region because of the pandemic situation, and that makes...

Australia’s Borders Are Finally Opening

Australia had taken the lockdown measures to be very strict. They have not allowed any international person to come into the continent for nearly 600 days. That’s two years if we are...

EU, UK, Israel to Halt Air Travel to Southern Africa Over New COVID-19 Variant

The travel ban has already been put up by several nations when they heard about this Variant of the coronavirus found in South Africa, and that had been stated by the World...

UK Suspends Flights to Six African Countries As New Covid Variant Raises Alarms

The United Kingdom is panicking because of the rising Covid 19 cases, and now they have suspended flights to six African Countries because of the new warning of a new Covid variant...

What Type of Boating Emergency Causes The Most Fatalities

The majority of individuals believe that adverse weather is the primary cause of boating accidents. But this is not the case. The real world does not mirror the plotlines of disaster movies....
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