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American Airlines Have Jacked Up Flight Attendant Holiday Pay

American Airlines have been having a rough time. Last week they have had mass cancellation of flights because of the holiday season where most of the staff were not working. This caused...

Australia’s Borders Are Finally Opening

Australia had taken the lockdown measures to be very strict. They have not allowed any international person to come into the continent for nearly 600 days. That’s two years if we are...

Vaccine is Being Required for Travel – Here is How Unvaccinated People Feel About It

If you are traveling in a pandemic, then you need to show a certificate of your vaccine to the authorities. It is a must, and many people have been voicing different opinions...

Europe’s Travel Industry is in Danger

Some countries in Europe — Greece, Spain and Portugal, for example — rely on tourism to boost economic growth with the prosperity of thousands of businesses, livelihoods and communities tied to the...

Europe Opens The Door To Visitors, Airlines Pounce At The Opportunity

Countries like Croatia, Greece, Iceland, and Italy have started allowing visitors from the U.S. and other nations for the first time in a year. This has sent the airlines to jump at...
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