American Airlines Have Jacked Up Flight Attendant Holiday Pay

American Airlines have been having a rough time. Last week they have had mass cancellation of flights because of the holiday season where most of the staff were not working. This caused many problems, and this goes all without saying that the customers were not very pleased with the turn of events. This is causing American Airlines a lot of loss too.

As a result of this outcome, many of the people are going to other Airlines for the other future flights that they are going on. This is the reason why American Airlines have given more pay for the staff attendants. This is almost triple the amount of pay that they usually get. This is most likely for just the holiday season.

American Airlines Have Jacked Up Flight Attendant Holiday Pay

“To ensure we’re providing certainty for both our customers and team members, we’re doubling down on our efforts related to our schedule and staffing,” said American Airlines COO David Seymour on Friday.

“On the schedule front, we’ve ensured that November and December are built to meet customer demand and that they are fully supportable by our staffing.”

“From mother nature wreaking havoc on the operation, the myriad of policy changes you’ve had to keep up with, and an increase in incidents of customer misconduct, you’ve been dealing with a lot,” said Brady Byrnes, American Airlines vice president of flight service.

Attendance Bonus

On the hiring front, “we are aggressively onboarding many new personnel as well as welcoming back many team members,” Seymour said.

According to the message, about 1,800 flight attendants returned from leave in November, with another 800 set to return in December.

A perfect attendance bonus of $1,000 will be given to qualifying employees between November 15 and January 2. Teams that consist of flight crew trainers, flight simulator engineers, and fleet service personnel are eligible for the bonus.

Members who work on any peak day will also be eligible for 1-1/2 times their normal salary for that day.

Final Words

The union that represents American’s flight attendants, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), said it had negotiated the extra pay with the airline and thought it would help employees recover from a period of uncertain schedules and other difficulties, such as a lack of transportation and hotel rooms.