India Opens Its Door To Quarantine Free Travel for Tourists From 99 Countries

India had been under quarantine for over 20 months. They have not been allowing anyone to enter into the country from the foreign region because of the pandemic situation, and that makes sense since India was pretty hard hit by the second wave of the coronavirus that was the delta variant, which was found initially by the Indian scientists. However, the situation has gotten better now, and finally, they are opening the doors to foreign travelers.

Now India will allow foreign travelers to enter their country from over 100 countries, and they do not have to stay two weeks or something around in quarantine to gain access to the country.

India Opens Its Door To Quarantine Free Travel for Tourists From 99 Countries

This was surely a thing that caused a lot of inconvenience to the travelers, but on the other hand, it was highly important to do so too. No more people need to die than they already have. And that number is a lot.

However, you can not just get in without having the vaccine. For the travelers to get access to the country without going through the quarantine they have to be vaccinated by both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. One dose will not do. Both the doses are a must, and no exceptions are going to be made.

Now, this is indeed a step forward that we are looking at here. This is a step forward in going towards the world of normalcy. It can never be completely normal, but you can easily bring a sense of normalcy in life back.

If you want to know which countries are allowed access, then they have it published on their site. We can not list almost all the 100 countries here, but among them, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and France are also included.

This is all the news that we have for now. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news when we get some more info about it. If you were planning a trip to India, then it might be a good time to check it out. Take care of yourself!