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UK Going To Announce Plan For Booster Shots

The UK had decided to announce its vaccine booster program. The program will be announced soon enough in the upcoming weeks. This information had been relayed by the Health Minister, Matt Hanock....

Delta Variant is Particularly Dangerous For Young People: Joe Biden

“The data is clear: If you are unvaccinated, you’re at risk of getting seriously ill or dying or spreading it,” Biden said during a news conference from the White House. He was...

Chance of Getting Infected by Covid-19 Plummets 21 Days After Vaccine

The chances that the people who have taken the first doze of the coronavirus vaccine to get Infected are highly low. Studies have found that at the lapse of a time period...

Delay in Tougher Air Pollution Guidelines by WHO

The main criterion of discontent among the people is because of the delay in the publication of the air pollution guidelines by The World Health Organization or WHO. The publication was to...

Plan To Make Vaccine Mandatory For Care Home Staff in UK

“Encouraging vaccination is always preferable to a mandatory requirement,” said Helen Bedford at University College London in a statement. “Indeed, evidence from a recent study of health and care workers suggests that where...

Jabs Offered To England Youth In The Upcoming Days

The Delta strain of the coronavirus is said to be affecting the youth more than anyone else in the upcoming third wave of the coronavirus. It is disturbing but protection is better...
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