Covid Shots For Kids and Boosters For Adults Will ‘Accelerate’ Nation’s Path Out of Pandemic, Biden says

President of the United States, Joe Biden had addressed this to the public when he had said that the Covid 19 booster shots for the adults and the vaccine for the kids that is going to come into circulation soon enough is the way to speed things up in order to end the pandemic situation that we are currently in.

This is indeed a good sign, and it will help the United States to go back to normal life if the pandemic ends. Now we can see from the stats that the hospitalization of the people and that rate had gone down around 50%. This is indeed some positive sign that is good news too.

Covid Shots For Kids and Boosters For Adults Will 'Accelerate' Nation's Path Out of Pandemic, Biden says

“Vaccines that are made for all of the children who are between the ages 5 to 11 along with all of the boosters that are made so that they can provide the additional protection for seniors and others are two major steps that we are taking as a nation forward, and these are the two major changes or rather factors that are going to accelerate our path out of this pandemic,” said the President of the United States from the White House.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or more commonly known as the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, had announced this on Tuesday when they had gone ahead and cleared the distribution of doses of the Pfizer vaccine that are going to be given to children between the ages of 5 to 11. This is a huge step forward that everyone had been waiting for.

The United States has regulators, and they have already authorized booster shots for tens of millions of adults. They are the ones who are eligible to get the booster shots if they are the ones who received the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Nearly 20 million people have already received the booster shots since they have been in circulation for quite some time.

We do hope that this all works out for good. We are keeping our fingers crossed. See you guys later with more updates on the news.