CDC Data: Almost 1 Million Children Under Age 12 Have Been Vaccinated

Well, we all know that the FDA and the CDC approved the vaccine for kids fairly recently, and people had been waiting for the approval to get their kids vaccinated against the coronavirus. It is indeed really a good move for the government as it will now provide more protection to the kids. The vaccines were made and distributed soon enough, and people went ahead and got their kids vaccinated against the coronavirus too.

No time was wasted as the operation went on in full swing. Now there had been vaccinations going on all over the country, and it seems to be going on well. We are looking for statistical data that can give us an estimate of when the CDC themselves released a data record showing the number of children under the age of 12 who had been vaccinated in the last few weeks or days.

CDC data shows hundreds of thousands of children under age 12 have been vaccinated

More than 432,000 children who are found to be under the age of 12 are at least partially vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is all coming from according to the data released from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It seems that everything is going on well in here. “We are in great shape on supply,” said the White House coronavirus coordinator, who many of you may know as Jeff Zients said during a briefing.

Zients made a statement on Wednesday about 900.000 kids in that age group, which is between the age of 5 and 12 roughly, will have to be going on to have received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by the first week of eligibility. This is now going on to have about 700,000 first-shot appointments scheduled for the following days.

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So things seem to be going in well regarding the vaccination of the kids. We hope that it continues to run smoothly. We will keep you updated on the news. So make sure that you keep an eye on it. Also, if you have a kid, get them vaccinated soon too. Take care!