Apple Files Appeal in Epic Games Case

Apple finally made a mode, and they filed a notice of appeal in the Epic Games case. They are now going on, and they have been asking for a stay on the injunction that had already been passed in the court of law.

The injunction lets all of the developers add in-app links to payment websites other than that of Apple payment methods.

There have been many debates regarding this. The info that we have is given to us according to the company representatives, and they have informed us that the documents for the appeal had been filed on Friday.

Apple Files Appeal in Epic Games Case

If Apple given to the appeal wins the stay, then that will be good for them. The decision which we are talking about will be decided by a judge in November, this is, as we would like to say, a rule change potentially that had been allowing developers to circumvent App Store fees that had been very high.

The rates of them were as high as 15% to 30%. However, if the appeal wins, then that may not take effect in the turn of the matter until the appeals that had been made in the case have finished. This is a process that can take a lot of time to happen, even years can go by.

Now, if you think that Apple had thought this through and then they have planned it, then you might as well be right. This is a perfect move on the side of Apple who had to lose potentially a lot of money when that happened.

In September, there was the federal judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers who was the one who ruled in favor of Apple for nine of 10 counts that had been taken in an antitrust trial which had been brought by Epic, who you may also know as the maker of Fortnite.

But Apple had been in the method, and it was also ordered that they need to make a major change to its store. The major change was to allow mobile apps and their developers in order to steer away from the consumers to several of the outside payment methods.

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This was a way of avoiding the Apple store fee. That injunction is currently scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 9. That’s all for now.