Dr. Gottlieb Says Merck’s Covid Pills ‘Can Make A Real Difference’

Dr. Gottlieb says that Merck is doing a good job, and if their pills get approval, it may make a huge difference in the current pandemic situation. This might be something big that is waiting just around the corner for us to run into.

Dr. Gottlieb says that he is very optimistic about the antiviral pill that they are making. The company asked the FDA to authorize the use of the pill for treating people who are having mild to a small number of symptoms of the Covid 19.

Dr. Gottlieb Says Merck’s Covid Pills 'Can Make A Real Difference'

This was back on Monday, and therefore Dr. Gottlieb had been very much optimistic about this drug. We are also hoping that this turns out to be actually useful and not fail. All now depends and rests on the FDA, who will be testing out the drug for any possible harmful or negative side effects, and they will be the ones deciding whether the drug should be put into circulation or not.

“The top line of the data that we are getting from this Merck study is most probably the best treatment effect that we’ve actually seen from the orally available antiviral drug. This is, of course, in the case of the treatment of any respiratory pathogen, so we can say that this drug can make a real difference,” said the former FDA chief who used to work in the office during the time of the Trump administration.

If FDA does approve of the pill then we can say that the Merck pill is going to become the first pill that had been created to treat the Covid 19 patients. This is a big deal and if it does get approved then the people will get the pill by the end of the year.

This seems like a very anticipated situation where we do not know what the future is coming on for, and we can do nothing but wait. That is all that we can say for now. Hopefully, Dr. Gottlieb’s words will come true, and this drug will truly turn out to be effective against the coronavirus.