What Did Joan Rivers Say Before She Died

Someone who has made a name for themselves in radio has suggested that the Obamas are to blame for the death of Joan Rivers because she was too honest in her jokes about the First Lady.

In the month before her death in 2014, Joan Rivers made one final, typically nasty remark about the president.

What Did Joan Rivers Say Before She Died

Joan Rivers Passed Away Just Weeks After the Statements

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” she remarked when asked if the United States will ever have a gay president. Michelle is a dictator, as you well know. It’s well knowledge that she’s a transgender person.

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Comedian Joan Rivers passed away just weeks after the statements, and she would find it hilarious to learn that her untimely demise fueled a belief that the First Lady is secretly transgender.

The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars, meanwhile, has doubled down on his claims this week, alleging that the Obamas were involved in the comedian’s death because she knew too much.

To paraphrase what he actually said: “Her shoulders are too big…” Doctors have been on the show to discuss this. Either she wears a codpiece all the time or she has genitalia, because she always has this pooch. There’s no mistaking that she’s a guy! This woman can pass for a man. In all honesty, that is the case. A video of her passing herself off as a guy has gone viral and been viewed millions of times over the past eight years.

Jones elaborates, “Remember, the legendary comic Joan Rivers stated, ‘Of course everyone knows she’s a tyrant.'” As unremarkable as a doornail, she was killed in a regular surgery in which fire was literally poured down her neck to turn her into a flaming goblin. Assumed dead at the airport. Kill yourself by shooting your mouth off, honey.

After that he said, “Her daughters don’t look like her… It’s possible that he was sworn in on the Quran instead of the Bible, but I still think this is a fraud. I used to find this strangeness amusing, but now it just seems like an attempt to rub our noses in it.

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Last Words

Since he is transgender-obsessed like a cult, I believe the whole affair to be a well orchestrated charade. Michelle Obama is a male, in my opinion. Yes, I do. The truth is, I do. I think that’s true.