Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride …

Mandy Patinkin is opening up about the emotional backstory to his memorable sequence in The Princess Bride.

A fan on TikTok asked the 68-year-old actor and his wife, Kathryn Grody, what inspired the moment in which Inigo Montoya says to his antagonist, the Six-Fingered Man, “I want my father back, you son of a b——.”

After Inigo says, “Hello. Hello, everybody, my name is Inigo Montoya. You’re responsible for my father’s death. Those who don’t get ready will perish.”

Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic Princess Bride ...

Question About a Movie

Amanda Webb asked Patinkin a question about a movie she and her dad enjoyed watching together via TikTok. In addition, Webb mentioned in the video that her father had passed away due to cancer.

“The tale I heard was that when Mandy Patinkin uttered the line, he was remembering his own father, who had died of cancer. This was a very unfiltered expression of feeling “Webb, wiping away tears, stated. To put it simply, “I was wondering if that actually exists.”
In a video response that he posted across all of his social media sites, Patinkin told Webb, “The first thing you need to know is that your dad has you covered. Second, that is indeed the case; it is true in every respect.”

Patinkin’s father, Lester, passed away when the actor was 18 years old. “I went outside in this castle [set on the film] and strolled around, and I continued talking to my dad,” Patinkin stated. “I told my father, “I’m going to get this guy.” As soon as I read the script, I realised. I told my wife, Kath, “If I get this six-fingered guy, it means I killed the cancer that killed my dad, and I’ll get to visit my dad,” and so I decided to take on the role.”

Last Words

As his emotions took over, Patinkin’s voice cracked and he said, “Eventually, that would happen. After rehearsing the sequence with Chris [Sarandon], I went outside to have a chat with my dad. As a result, you won’t be limited in when or where you can contact your father.”

What’s more, “Please tell me your father’s name so I can pray for him, as I do so for everyone I’ve ever known. Because of this, I now consider myself to know you and your father, and I will add him to my daily prayers. They follow me around like ghosts, making me wish your dad would come spend out with me.”