Kevin McCarthy Quietly Moves to Tamp Down Fallout After Damaging

After damaging remarks, Kevin McCarthy moves covertly to contain the fallout.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been working behind the scenes to manage the fallout from the damning and contradictory conversations he had about then-President Donald Trump with other GOP lawmakers immediately following January 6.

According to several Republicans, the California Republican called important GOP figures all day Friday and spoke with Trump on the phone the previous evening. Additionally, if Republicans win the House, he may not be able to become speaker because of his right flank’s potential for public uprising.

His closest advisers are working to increase the size of the potential Republican majority in order to prevent any issues.

Kevin McCarthy Quietly Moves to Tamp Down Fallout After Damaging

When Republicans gather in private on Wednesday, McCarthy is anticipated to address his conference on the subject in an effort to move past the controversy that exposed his personal opinions of Trump shortly after the attack on January 6, 2021, views that he initially denied making only to have secret recordings completely refute those claims.

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Kevin McCarthy Moves Covertly to Contain the Fallout Following Damaging on

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After Hearing Damaging Audio, Kevin McCarthy Quietly Moves to Contain the Fallout

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