Afdah Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

In our article, we have tried to cover a lot of information related to a lot of websites for streaming online movies and TV shows. We also have mentioned some information if the Afdah website which is the best platform for streaming these online shows and movies.

If in this case due to any of the reasons you are not satisfied with Afdah then we have mentioned a list of the 7 best alternatives of that website. You can have a look at the list that we have mentioned and can find out that one platform which you found to be the most suitable for you.

What is Afdah?

Afdah is a very famous website that allows you to stream online TV shows and a lot of movies which are all available for free of cost. It provides a lot of movies from which you can quickly and easily find out your favorite movie from the available categories or you can search them via search functions.

If you have a stable and good connection to the internet then you can enjoy your favorite movies without any buffering and in good quality on any of your devices either mobile or computer.

There is no need to install any kind of extensions, plugins, or programs. In case you want to watch TV shows and movies then this is the best place. You can use Afdah for that purpose. If you are looking for any other websites similar to it then we have 7 alternative websites for that.

What To Do When Afdah Is Down?

In case, you find out your Afdah is down and you don’t want to search any of the other alternative websites of it, and still, you want to stick with this website by solving this issue. We have mentioned a list of 4 tips that will help you to fix the issue Afdah is not working.

Solution 1: Refresh your page

Refreshing the page is one the easiest way to fix this issue. To do so, first of all you have to click on the icon “rotate” from your web browser. Or you can refresh your page by clicking on the combination of keys Ctrl+F5. Then have a look if the issue has solved now.

Solution 2: Restart your Route and device

In case, the first solution is not working for you then there is another solution to restart your route and try to reconnect with your Wi-Fi. You can also switch off your device and open it again then try to open your Afdah if it has started working properly.

Solution 4: Check your Firewall

Sometimes you antimalware programs such as Firewall have found out some innocent programs such as Afdah as malicious and has blocked it. Then it can trigger an issue in your Afdah which makes it down or unable to work. That’s why you can open your Firewall and remove Afdah from blocked sites.

Solution 4: Fault of DNS

In case you have tried all three solutions and it hasn’t worked for you then it may be possible that there is an issue in the settings of your DNS. It can turn your Afdah in IP Address. In case, your DNS gets corrupted then it can not work normally.

7 Best Websites Like Afdah to Watch Movies Online

It contains a list of 7 websites that can be the best alternative to Afdah. You can use this website to stream online movies. If you want to stream online movies and TV shows you are at the best place. So let’s started and go to our article.

1. YesMovies

Yesmovies is one of the best alternative websites which you can use as an alternative to Afdah. This website is also a good choice for stream lovers and you can use this one if the Afdah is not working for you.

It provides a good interface having a section of schedule on the right side although you will need to sign up in order to view it.

This website also contains a lot of classification has a lot of different movies like family, action, thriller, fantasy, drama, horror, comedy, romance, horror, and many others. You can use this website to stream online TV shows and other movies.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies is also the best platform for streaming online TV shows and movies. This is one of the most popular websites which allows online streaming and downloading TV series, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies which all are available for free of cost.

They upload new movies very soon after they get released and keeps updated with new TV shows and movies.

It allows a huge endless list of TV shows and movies for free of cost. You can download them or watch them online. It provides a good interface to its users. You can find our movies and shows easily on this website.

3. MovieZAP

MovieZAP is a website that allows streaming of TV shows and other movies for totally free of cost without paying a penny for that.

You can use this website as one of the best alternatives to Afdah. As per our reports, we have found that this website is registered privately by the REDACTED FOR PRIVACY.

It not only allows you to stream online movies and other series of TV but it also provides you the opportunity to download your favorite movies and TV shows and enjoy them later without any kind of interruption.

4. Los Movies

LosMovies is also a platform that allows the streaming of online movies and TV shows as Afdah provides. Similarly, as Afdah this website also provides a lot of connections to various available movies which are all present in an intuitive layout.

It provides you various ways of browsing the movies such as browsing it through genres, ratings, the date on which it is arranged, the date of release, and all A-Z criteria.

It also provides you a search bar through which you can find out the movie which you are looking for. Even you can filter all your movies through the names of actors and directors of the movies and this is not available in some of the other websites even in Afdah.

This tool is very helpful if you are looking for any particular actor or director. One of the other things about it is that you can choose 3D movies and also can sort them through subtitles. If you are looking for an alternative website of Afdah then you must try LosMovies.

5. FilmClub

Another free website for streaming online movies and other TV shows is Film Club. This website contains a lot of movies in an extensive catalog from a lot of other different eras and also from the present era.

It gets updated all the time new links get acquired on this website with every movie which are newly released in theaters.

In case, you are seeking a website that provides you the newly released and latest movies and TV shows then you must go for this website.

As it will soon provide you the newly released movies and shows after they get released. There is only one drawback with this website as it irritates you with a lot of ads as soon as you click on the mouse.

Most commonly this website redirects you to another tab having some advertisement as you click on the mouse or it will show the and on the home page also. It can be so much annoying and irritating as after clicking on the same website it will again load other advertisements.

6. Bob Movies

Bob Movies is a site which allows the streaming of online movies and other TV shows. In this website movies are present in different kind of genres.

One of the drawback of this website is that it does not gives you the option of sorting available movies as per your wish. Just like other websites provides sorting movies on different genres such as release date, most viewed or most liked, this website does not provides this.

This website just provides you many movies in a list from which you can find out your favourite movies via its title. You will have to go through the whole list and will have to move to the bottom to find out movie or you can try another platform from our list.

Best part of this website is that you can enjoy your movies without going thought any tricky process. You have to move your mouse cursor to the title of movie to find out play button. Then you will redirected to the page having information of movie and then play and enjoy your movie.

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7. Look Movie

Our last but not least website in this list is Look Movie. This website can also be the best alternative to Afdah which allows the streaming of movies and TV shows to its users to enjoy watching online shows and movies for free of cost without making any kind of payment for it. This website allows streaming very fluently and the movies and shows in very good quality.

You can find out the latest movies on this website and also you can find out the old movies and shows by their categories and genres.

It provides a good interface to its users and allows browsing of movies through many genres available on that website. This platform can also be a reliable website that can be used as an alternative if Afdah.


In this article, we have provided you some of the information related to the Afdah website and a solution to what to do when your Afdah is down.

If you don’t find Afdah so much entertaining then we also have provided you a list of seven websites that can be the best alternative to Afdah. Hope at the end of our article you will surely find out one best website for streaming online movies and TV shows.