13 Best Sites Like Movies4u to Watch Movies Free in 2023

Movie and shows are something which everyone watches. Most of the time, people are so into movies and shows they forget their work. While watching a movie, you only need a high-speed internet connection. Movies have become everyone’s safe place. Every individual forgets their worries while watching something they enjoy or like.

In this depressing world where everyone is locked, movies and shows have been a great option to divert your mind. When people are stuck and don’t have anything better to do than movie and shows are there only option to choose from.

These are Movies4u alternatives which most of them are free. Which will be a great advantage for people who don’t have money and can’t afford to pay for the subscription but by Movies4u, they can easily watch their shows and movie without paying a single penny.


In this list, there are some websites where you don’t have to log in also you have to enter the name of the page, and in the search bar, you have to put your show’s name, and voila, you will get to watch your fav shows in seconds.

13 Best Sites Like Movies4u to Watch Movies Online Free in 2023

There is no tension if one website does not work there are many other streaming websites where you can enjoy the same content. Here are the Movies4u alternatives which you might enjoy.

1. PutLocker

For free, stream your favorite movies. PutLocker is a common streaming platform for movies that give you access to high-quality movies at no cost. Thousands of movies are updated daily with new content. All the films contain genres such as Action, Adventure, Humorous, Horror, Animated, and Family, etc. Each category has its movie and shows, which you can watch online.

In PutLocker, there is a text box where you can easily search your favorite movie name, and in just a second, you will get your answer. PutLocker is easy to use, and its layout is quite simple to follow. You can use PutLocker without logging or registering your information. It is free to use without any hassle you will get lots of movies and shows options.

The genre is well-organized so, it becomes to choose your movies. This website is daily updated with new movies and shows, and the quality of the movies is in HD.

If you are confused while selecting a movie or shows, then PutLocker is the best option because here you will find every movie in one place, and there is a search box, so it becomes quite easy to find your favorite movies.

2. Los Movies

If you compare it with several other online movie websites, Los Movies has a rather different layout. When you select a movie from this site that you want to watch, it will land you on a different tab.

It will offer you plenty of server options on that tab to watch that specific movie. When you open the home page, you will get an option to select from the latest movie to popular movies, and you can also watch movies with subtitles.

3. VMovee

Vmovee is not that outdated online movie streaming platform, but it has such a broad database of movies from different genres that you might want to watch when watching movies online. Not only movies, but you can even watch online TV shows as well.

You can also go to its Famous Movies, Recent Movies, or Featured Movies section for movies. When you choose a movie to watch, Vmovee gives you full information about the movie, such as the release date, year, actor, and actress name.

4. YesMovie

We cannot leave Yesmovies behind on this best alternative list for Movie4u. As it is a movie portal, not only by saying it but by analyzing the millions of users that stream every month on this website. This word for movies is such a common term that on the internet, you will find more than 1 Yesmovies mirror page.

It has thousands of films that you can explore in each category. Using the country option provided on the main menu, you can also choose to get the movie list as per your zone. It updates the list of new films faster than any website, so you can tell for sure that this website is much better than Movies4u.

5. SnagFilms

If you love to watch old movies, SnagFilms is pretty much the perfect choice for you since it has such a massive collection of old movies. The movie archive is packed with all the iconic old movies you can’t miss at all.

So, unlike most movies streaming sites nowadays that pay attention to their new movies section, this site is focused on delivering old movies, another component that makes this site special is that all the old movies mentioned on SnagFilms are confirmed, implying they will always be available on the same domain. You don’t have to worry about finding mirror sites at all.

6. IOMovies

This website is quite common to some other websites. This website is quite well organized and user-friendly; it is easy to use. The design is amazing, so it attracts a lot of audiences.

7. PrimeWire

You can defiantly choose Movies4u as a PrimeWire alternative. It’s been on the web for decades and still increasingly expanding, every online movie lover knows about PrimeWire. PrimeWire is one of the most popular websites for watching online movies.

It has gathered such a large amount of movie data because of its success and being on the top online movie streaming site market that no one can be left behind when looking for their favorite movies.

One of the best aspects of this website that makes it even more popular is that it gives you a variety of choices for watching a specific movie, so you will never be disappointed with the unavailability of a movie on this platform. Thus, no other site can provide you with such a huge number of details.

8. SolarMovie

SolarMovie has lots of movies that can’t be skipped, making it close to another movie website. If you belong to these areas of the globe, such as Asia, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, India, or the UK, you can always opt to go to their section of the country. In addition to the film, it also offers you genre for TV shows, as well as for shows.


Afdah is a free online watching website that gathers content and makes it available to visitors from around the nation. Afdah is not accountable for its quality, copyright, ethics, and honesty since all content is applied automatically.

It runs on desktop smartphones and tablets. Afdah provides you all information regarding the movie and its rating. It becomes easy for the user to choose their favorite movie or shows according to the ratings.

10. Movie4K

Movie4K is a streaming website that gathers information and makes it accessible to its customer’s movies and TV shows from different free sources. It is a video streaming platform. Movie4K is probably one of the world’s most famous streaming platforms online.

Movie4K easily Found his customer which made this website a well-known website among his other competitors. It is free to use; you don’t have to pay any money to users’ advantages. You can freely watch your shows without thinking about the subscription.

11. RainierLand

The Rainierland website is also a very famous alternative to Movies4u. You can get information about that movie with each movie page, such as the year of launch, the language used in that movie, the runtime of the movie, the actors in that movie along with their pictures, etc.

Another feature that makes this website unique is that it also gives users the choice of watching videos online and downloading the videos.

12. FMovies

Fmovies is an online watching website. There you watch thousands of views without paying any amount. The layout is easy to use, and it is quite popular. There is a vast selection of movies. The selection of movies is done very well, and there are different genres from where you can easily select your favorite movie.

However, different advertisements are run on this website there is only one solution to stop the advertisements from running on the website is to download software that will block the advertisement, so it automatically stops then it will become easier to watch shows because there will be no disturbance between the scenes.

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13. Flixtor

Flixtor is mainly remembered for watching new free movies and TV shows. It is very social and appealing like any other website that offers the service to watch online movies when it comes to layout. Flixtor gives you all the episodes in an organized way, even if you are watching TV series.


All of these are excellent options that users can find on the internet for Movies4u. And, as you already know, most of the mentioned websites are free to watch and have more than enough movies and shows.

It is easy to delete these websites, so we will keep on updating about the alternative so you will not have any problem finding different websites. If one website does not work from this list, there are more than enough websites to check.

This alternative is mostly free, but for some, you have to pay, so it depends, which one website you are choosing because without money, there will be some issue regarding viruses, but if you pay money, there will no issue.