9 Best ‘Demonoid’ Alternatives

After the shutdown of Demonoid which was a popular BitTorrent tracker, many alternatives have become prevalent these days. Demonoid was one of the top websites for allowing file-sharing via the torrent protocol.

Demonoid ceased operation in 2018 and since then, the number of similar websites has come to the limelight. Some of them were existing before the shutdown and some came abruptly after the ceasing of Demonoid.

These new websites have similar features and look like that of the original ones. In addition to these websites, many mirror websites have also cemented their place as an alternative to Demonoid. Before looking at these alternatives, let’s start with the basics.


What Happened to Demonoid?

Demonoid was a successful torrenting website because of its simple interface and user-friendly features. Due to its growing popularity, it got highlighted with many problematic allegations.

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In 2010 to prevent a seizure from the US government it changed its domain to Demonoid.me and after that, a whole host of domains was changed, and finally, in 2014 it settled with Demonoid.pw.

In the whole past time, it faced many downtimes as well and in 2018, due to server-side issues, it stopped working across all domains. With the demise of Demonoid’s founder in 2019, the Demonoid came to end with a final shut down.

This made the torrent users shift to other alternatives which were either already flourishing silently or due to high demand started mushrooming all over the internet.

Is Demonoid Safe?

The following features make Demonoid very safe. Actual email ID or password is not required for Registration, one can use Demonoid ID and password to get started with ease.

Pornographic material cannot be liked with torrent files in Demonoid as it is not allowed. The website also prohibits Malicious software keeping the platform safe for users.

Is Demonoid Ever Coming Back?

The possibility of relaunching Demonoid is always in the news and old users of it always get nostalgic about it. But according to the reports, with the tragic decease of its founder, the vital information like backend program and information of cloud server has also been lost, so it is highly unlikely that the Demonoids with its old glory will rise again.

But because of the high demand by the Demonoids community, in 2019 the old staff decided to start with a new domain dnoid.to. But it varies greatly from the original ones, as no torrent hosting and tracker is available, users could only share links.

Although it is not the same as the original due to the nostalgia among Demonoid users this is welcomed and appreciated by many. And now the alternatives have come to bloom to their fullest.

9 Best Demonoid Alternative

There are several alternatives to Demonoid that can be found on the internet. Listed below are the 9 best Demonoid Alternative that is most popular.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is considered the best alternative to Demonoid. It pioneers in providing entertainment content and software torrents. Currently, it is the most-used torrent website. Demonoid and The Pirate Bay started around the same time and like Demonoids, The Pirate Bay also faces issues by law enforcement agencies.

The website uses an .onion domain so it is almost active despite the risk of downtime. Around 35 different languages are available with a whole host of contents making it so popular globally.

TPB has a simple user interface making it a huge success and a renowned torrent site amongst torrent enthusiasts because of the huge variety of downloadable torrents it offers. Although TPB faces numerous shutdowns alternatively due to its nature of the business, it continues to run via mirror sites.

2. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is another popular alternative to Demonoid, especially among the young generation. The basic interface makes it really easy to use and surf. The website hosts a huge collection of content ranging from music, animation, games, software, etc.

In many countries, ISP does not allow access to Limetorrents, so it is advised to access it using VPN services or mirror site alternatives for smooth torrenting. The torrent web site has received a great response and admiration from users, as you’ll notice virtually any torrent file on this web site.

Lime Torrent’s web site is updated frequently, creating it one in every one of the well-liked destinations for torrent lovers. Torrent files hosted here also have a healthy assortment of seeders and leechers.


RARBG is an excellent torrenting website founded in 2008. It uses the BitTorrent protocol and hosts many files and magnet links on the website. Although users are not permitted to upload their own torrent, it still has a really good collection of torrent files and according to TorrentFreak’s annual list, it remains on the top for being the most popular torrent site.

It has a strong assortment of torrents with sufficient seeders. This Demonoids alternative brilliantly features trailers of the most recent movies along with a dedicated section with an option to download movies using torrent. The RARBG offers a great collection of online content such as movies, music, games, and even software.

4. TorLock

Torlock is a newly launched torrenting website making headway to be an amazing alternative to Demonoid. To find the desired content users are supposed to perform a torrent search. This website is a torrent index. The good thing that differentiates it from others is its safety feature.

To protect the website from online attacks, it uses an advanced security policy. It also bans fake torrents on the websites. Though it is lesser-known it is growing fast with a huge collection of online content to offer to torrent users.

5. TorrentZ2

After the downtime of the Torrentz website, Torrentz2 has filled up the vacuum by becoming the most well-known of the torrent websites. This is a meta torrent tracker website that collects files from different torrent websites and presents them in a single place, this collaboration of data makes it very easy for torrent users.

The website has a collection of around 61 million torrent files. The website has a low risk of shutdown and banning issues because it does not host any files on its server. To always keep running the website uses the .onion domain and has various mirror sites from where it can be accessed without any problem.

6. IsoHunt

Isohunt used to be a popular torrent website with a significant user base. But in 2013 it was taken down following the copyright issues. It was one of the most popular destinations for torrenting and offered a huge collection of online content.

Although the original website is restricted one can still use its mirror sites that give the same feel. While using these mirror sites it is advisable to use a good and secure VPN server to torrent.

7. 1337X

1337X is considered to be one of the best Demonoids alternatives with great content and a huge user base. It was founded in 2007 initially as a general-purpose torrent tracker website. It recently got a new interface relaunch that gives it a modern look.

This website cannot be opened via Google search as Google has blocked it due to some legal issues. So it has now been switched to another domain. 1337X has the brilliant categorization of torrents, thus able to cater to a large audience of torrent enthusiasts.

A huge collection of movies, anime, TV series, games, music, applications, and more can be easily accessed via it. This website also has a trending section where all the popular and trending torrents are displayed that can be directly viewed without actually searching them manually.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is a new torrenting website launched in 2018 and is steadily gaining a user-base making its way to becoming one of the best alternatives to Demonoid. This website has a very modern touch with an advanced interface and has a collection of about 4 million torrent files.

It claims to upload 2000 new files every day making it very popular for torrenting the latest content. Its fan base has increased significantly and the content is also expected to increase manifolds in the future.

9. SeedPeer

After the downtime of Demonoid, Seedpeer has come out as one of the best alternatives. Although it is a small and less popular torrent website it has a loyal user base. It focuses on the reliability and safety of its users with high-quality standardization of torrent files.

It is most suited for MAC devices. SeedPeer has a good collection of safe and reliable torrent content and the website is still growing with many new visitors downloading from here every day.

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After the downtime of Demonoid, many new torrenting websites have been launched and many existing ones are growing manifolds. These alternative websites and mirror sites still face frequent shutdowns, so for a smooth torrenting experience, it is advised to have any of these sites in check.

While torrenting ensure not to download pirated content for legal wellbeing, also have good antivirus in check, and use encrypted VPN services to access most of these alternatives without any trouble.