Top 8 Apps Like Tutuapp In 2023

We can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. They certainly have changed our lives too a much greater extent. The smartphone functions depends on various factors amongst which is the apps which are installed and the number of apps which are downloaded on the device. The apps can be downloaded by the use of app store and official app website. There are variety of app stores available in the market which depends on the operating system which is used on your device.

The Google Play Store app is used by Android users. The iOS users use the Apple App Store app for downloading the app. Microsoft users use the Microsoft Store app to download apps, especially for Windows 10 devices. The disadvantage of this app is that they have limited functions and is dependent on the operating system for its working.

There are many third party app stores which can be used any device. They serves the download of app which has more updated and improved functions of apps. One of them is the Tutuapp. Tutuapp is used to download various apps, music, eBooks and games over internet. It is used both on android and iOS to download variety of apps and games for free of cost. It provides third party apps and games on different devices.


It has no ads, lesser app revokes and more support. You can subscribe the Tutuapp VIP which provides famous and popular apps and tweaks like Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Clash Royale, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat and many more with more updated version. This app is regularly updated and have good customer reviews and around 30 million app download.

Top 8 Apps Like Tutuapp In 2023

There are two versions of Tutuapp which is VIP and free. It has app fast downloader to download apps at faster speed. The VIP version has more features and benefits than free version. It is having user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate. It supports different languages.

However, you may face issues while operating Tutuapp to download apps and other sorts of contents. Due to any technical issues you might be not able to use the TUTUAPP easily. So in this case you need to find out the best alternative to TUTUAPP. So we have –

1. vShare

vShare is one of the best Alternative to Tutuapp. vShare app is a third-party app store. vShare is also known as vShare Market. This app can be used on Android and iOS devices with much greater speed. Users are also able to download paid apps for free of cost from both the platforms.

Before using the app on your Mobile device to install apps you should know that vShare needs to be set up initially on a PC. Then you must register on this app with proper credentials. Then toggle the right settings on the vShare application with the use of PC. After all the appropriate settings the vShare app is now ready to use. You can download and install apps and games on your smartphone easily with no need of Computer help.

2. 9Apps

9Apps is one of the most popular alternative to Tutuapp. You can download apps and games on devices like iOS and Android. It is a third party app store. This app is featured with submission control feature which enables the app developers to upload their new apps on this app store for enabling others to download it. So app developers can easily upload their new apps on this app besides the common app stores like Google Play Store and Apple app Store.

Rather than only downloading apps and games you can easily download wallpapers and ringtones for Android phones on 9Apps. The user interface is quite easy to handle and user-friendly. It serves daily recommended apps and games list and also distributes apps and games into multiple categories which makes it easier to find out the best app for you depending on the category.

3. AppValley

AppValley is used to download apps and games. It serves as one of the best alternative to TUTUAPP. It is a third party app store. The interface of AppValley app is quite straightforward and user-friendly. It allows you to download larger number of multiple apps and games on your smartphone with faster speed. It can be accessed by iOS users and iPad users without any need to jailbreak your smartphone or without any need to have an Apple ID to use the AppValley app.

AppValley is just not only a good alternative to Tutuapp but it also serves as a good alternative to Apple’s official app store. The main advantage of the AppValley is that it serves you the facility to download apps and games for free of cost while the Apple App Store needs paid download.

4. TweakBox

TweakBox is one of the alternatives to Tutuapp. It is a third-party app store. It can be used on Android and iOS devices where users can download apps and games with faster speed and for free of cost. The app developers can share the IPA files of different types of apps and games for both Android and iOS devices on the TweakBox app which makes it a community.

Apart from the general apps and games, the paid apps of both platforms are tweaked so that the users can download them for free of cost. TweakBox has some unique apps and games which can only be found on its website and not at others places. You need to confirm some settings on this app before starting to use it.

5. AppEven

AppEven is one of the best alternatives to Tutuapp. Tutuapp is used to download apps and games on both Android and iOS devices for free of cost. You can also have a test use of any app before purchasing it, which ensures you to buy the best one.

The search bar facilitates you to search the apps and games. There is no need of signing up for using this app and no need to display the billing information unlike the Google Play Store app or Apple App Store. Once you install the AppEven app then you can easily download apps and games.

6. PPHelper

PPHelper is one of the Alternative app to Tutuapp from China. This third party app enables you to download apps and games, but you might face some difficulties while operating it. It doesn’t start readily and a limited language support. It has good reviews and used by many users.PPHelper provides the facility to use hacked version of paid and free apps. Hacked version already includes the hacked in version activated. You can experience an add free version of apps.

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7. AppCake

AppCake is a great alternative to TUTUAPP with good reviews and more positive feedback from many users, especially from those users who refused to jailbreak their smartphones. The user interface of AppCake is easier to handle and user-friendly. The apps and games are categorized which helps you to search apps and games more easily.AppCake also provides a facility to use the apps before downloading them. In this way, you will be able to use the paid version of the apps without any need to spend a single penny.

8. Aptoide

Aptoide is one of the top 8 apps like TUTUAPP on the list. Aptoide has more features than TUTUAPP. It also provides apps and games downloading on your mobile devices faster and for free of cost.

Aptoide also enables the app developers to send their newly developed apps to this third-party app store. There are also some unique apps that you can’t find on any other app store. You can also search apps and games based on different categories. The user interface of this app is straightforward and user-friendly. It also has different tabs like Homepage, Downloads, and Updates which you find after registration.


All the above mentioned Alternative has some unique features. You may choose the best alternative accordingly. You should also take precautions while downloading any apps and games from these third-party websites. You a good antivirus software before using these third party apps. Ensure that the apps don’t contain any malware and viruses. This article doesn’t support any illegal or piracy Websites.