9 Best ‘Mobdro’ Alternatives in 2023

Mobdro is an online video streaming app where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It is for Android devices and being a third-party app, it can not be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can stream and watch as much content as you want without any restrictions.

It searches on the web for free video content and that you can access on your device. You will be able to find all the content from around the world on this app and also you can recommend this to your friends. All the content is of high quality with resolutions.


The advent of the internet era ushered in a myriad of streaming applications, each promising unparalleled access to entertainment. Among them, Mobdro carved out a distinct niche, capturing the attention of many.

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This article unveils the intricacies of Mobdro, its origins, features, and the ongoing questions about its safety and costs.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a streaming application designed primarily for Android devices. Instead of hosting content, it scours the web in real-time to find free streams, offering users a unique experience of watching live broadcasts ranging from TV shows, movies, sports, and even some obscure channels.

9 Best Mobdro Alternatives

It has many fascinating features that take the lookout of the platform to another level like bookmarking your favorite movies and shows. The content is well organized in categories for easy search which includes Channels, News, Movies, series, Music, and more.

1. Oreo TV

It is a live TV app that has over 6000 live TV channels and the app is available for Android devices. It is the platform that provides films and news and supports many languages. You can access all the latest entertainment stuff such as movies, TV shows, and live channels.

All the content is of good quality which itself is vast to contain all you want in one place. All the news it provides is well categorized for easy search. Moreover, you can make your experience better and customize the interface.

All the content on the platform is updated with the latest content such as all the latest movies, episodes, and sports matches. It also has intuitive menus that help in better understanding the platform.

2. Aos TV

It is an online streaming platform where you can stream all the movies and shows including your other entertainment stuff. All the content on the site is available at free cost. It has thousands of movies and apps where you can stream unlimited and all quality stuff without paying a single cent.

It hosts thousands of channels having vast content to explore. The content is also categorized as per the respective genres which reduces the search efforts.

The app is compatible with all the versions of the Android operating system. Moreover, the interface is no less attractive than any top video streaming site, the user interface is simple and easy for even beginners to get along with.

3. 123 TV

The online streaming site allows you to watch all the channels from around the world without any registration requirements. You just need to land on the platform, select what you want to watch, and tap the plat button.

The interface is plain and straightforward which means no ads and pop-ups to lessen the fun time. The content includes sports, news, entertainment and movies with more on the list. The features are the key to look for this website.

The platform offers a schedule of running shows and also the shows that are going to be followed. Also, all the content gets quickly loaded.

4. ThopTV

It is a free source where you can watch unlimited movies and shows. All the entertainment is available free of cost and provides vast content to watch movies, shows, music, and more. The features will surely add to your entertainment experience.

It has subtitles which are important while you are watching foreign movies. To save movies or make a catalog of your favorite movies, there is also a section called favorite list. The platform supports all the Android versions, you can download ThopTV on any version without any aversion.

There are no monthly plans for the app, all the content is available free of cost. While the vast content spans to over 6000 channels and all of it is available in HD and high-quality resolutions.

5. TVCatchup

It is an online free channel streaming website that can be accessed on various platforms like you can access the platform via desktop browser, tablets and also smartphones. It has many eye-catching features such as catchup service which provides you a list of recently aired programs.

The list of all the major channels is displayed that is impressive. It is supported by advertisements and has wide user base across the world.

The online services it offers covers UK channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and more. With originally it allowed video recording in 2007 while shortly after that the service was discontinued and it was redesigned as online streaming service.


The site offers live streaming from US television program. The platform contains more then 80 premium live TV channels. It has one of the best user interface which is clean and with little to no ads. The video player is very simple and it loads the content quickly.

You do not need any registration to access the content. There is less buffering and works fine even with a decent internet connection. The features it offers are also worth the time, no unnecessary redirects, easy navigation, and all the channels are arranged with categories to easily select the content.

7. Kodi

It is an entertainment hub for all your needs. It is an open source with free content including hundreds of movies, TV shows, music and games. The platform is supported by dedicated volunteers and community to make each of your experience worth.

It runs on various operating systems such as Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and more and has amazing features.

You can change the look of the platform by using a variety of skins, you can also record live tv and watch it without any restrictions or difficulty. It has the feature of add-ons and allows you to watch through local and storage media.

8. YouTube TV

It was launched in 2017 and as of 2021, it has around 3 million subscribers. It offers channels of news, sports, and entertainment with a number of channels spanning over 80. It supports an unlimited number of streams on your network.

The interface supports many platforms. User interface is clean and also has dark mode. You can search content through the search tool and find all your favourite stuff.

It has mainly three tabs which are Library, home and live. It is available on many platforms such as web, mobile and media streaming devices as well and gives you best experience while watching your favourite stuff.

9. Sling TV

You can watch live TV which includes movies, shows, sports, and news channels. It is supported by PC and Mac web browsers and also works on iOS and Android mobile devices.

It has a feature where you can download 50 hours of watch time and if you upgrade to the Cloud DVR Plus package for $5, you can get 200 hours of download. It offers the service at $35 per month while for new subscribers the price is $10 per month.

Is Mobdro Still Working?

As of the last update, Mobdro has faced a series of challenges, leading to intermittent outages and functionality issues. While the app itself has faced shutdowns, it often resurfaces in various forms or on different platforms. However, users should be cautious, as not all versions might be authentic or safe.

Who is the Founder of Mobdro?

The true identity or identities of the founders behind Mobdro remain shrouded in mystery. This lack of transparency is typical for many free streaming platforms, given the grey areas they operate within and potential legal challenges.

Benefits of Mobdro

  1. Diverse Streaming Options: Mobdro’s strength lies in its ability to aggregate live streams, offering content that’s often hard to find on other platforms.
  2. User-Centric Interface: Simple and intuitive, the Mobdro app ensures even newcomers can navigate and find desired streams with ease.
  3. Organized Content: Streams are categorized into genres such as movies, sports, and news, allowing for quick access.
  4. Bookmarking Feature: Users can mark their favorite streams, ensuring they’re just a tap away during future sessions.

Is Mobdro Safe?

Navigating the world of free streaming apps like Mobdro isn’t without its risks:

  • Legal Considerations: The legality of streaming from unofficial sources varies by jurisdiction, but users may inadvertently access copyrighted content.
  • Malware Concerns: Free streaming apps have sometimes been found to host malware or be susceptible to hacker exploits.
  • Data Privacy: Given the undisclosed nature of the app’s ownership, there are valid concerns about how user data might be used or shared.

To mitigate these risks, users should consider reputable VPN services, keep devices updated, and always download from trusted sources.

Is Mobdro Free?

Primarily, yes. Mobdro operates on a freemium model. The basic version of the app is free and ad-supported. However, there’s a premium version that offers additional features like an ad-free experience, offline viewing, and Chromecast support, among others.

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Final Words

For the above apps, you can watch online tv for free on various platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS. The alternatives of Mobdro are best to watch and gives a worthy entertaining experience.

You can also make it better by using a VPN from the Google Play store. The alternatives have vast content and amazing features. Mobdro, in its essence, offers a dynamic and varied streaming experience, especially for those keen on live broadcasts.

But with its myriad of benefits come inherent risks. The narrative surrounding Mobdro underscores the broader conversation about the balance between free access to content and the ethical, legal, and safety considerations that accompany it.

As always, users are advised to prioritize their digital safety and be informed about the platforms they engage with.