10 Best Sarahah Alternatives In 2020

Sarahah is a popular anonymous networking platform found online in recent years. Anyone can use this to get feedback from anyone without revealing the reviewer’s identity. Also, this platform is used as a chatting & communicating platform. Still, many of you might be looking for a better alternative. Let us discuss them here!

10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2020

Sarahah’s substitutes are as impressive as Sarahah’s. Anonymity is very interesting when you can confidently write and post comments without revealing your identity. However, you can use alternatives to achieve more goals, in situations like responding to problems and communicating with someone.

1. Spout

The Spout is an unidentified messaging application that permits users to convey messages without revealing their names. The application works within a radius of your choice. You can chat with many people around you.


Spout app is a magnificent approach to correlate with somebody around you and conjecture their views. It is a great application that can pass the time that will never be boring. The best part is that it is free and easy to use, with no enclosure required. There is no data confirmation needed, and this makes it completely anonymous.


The intricacy with anonymous applications is the proliferation of cyberbullying, harassment, and passing frightening information, which appears to be more extensively unfair than ordinary social media.

2. Lipsi

Lipsi is another neighborhood-based secret messaging application, like Sarahah. Lipsi is completely open to engaging. In addition, there is a Lipsi link that you can post on your Instagram biography to obtain secret pieces of advice from your companions.


If you are a business owner or employer, you may receive anonymous comments from customers about your services and products. Therefore, please do not use anonymous messaging apps only as a pastime or a way of pranking or making fun of others. These apps can get used to growing your business by obtaining anonymous customer reviews or alleviating feelings of loneliness or stress.


In addition to concerns about cyberbullying and misuse of information, some of these applications have more dangerous problems, such as spreading violence.

3. Stupid Chat

If you are seeming for another option to Sarahah with numerous comparable characteristics, then Stupid Chat is the most suitable decision. You can chat with people nearby about one of the most obvious reviews out there. You can chat anonymously in real-time and share your thoughts or secrets.


You can choose a name so that the anonymous name looks like a real message. In addition, writing any message anonymously seems very easy and fresh. You can also chat with strangers and share your thoughts yourself. This chat is similar to WhatsApp status and will get automatically deleted after 24 hours.


One of the most frequent critiques of unknown social networking sites is that users can easily post defamatory comments about someone.

4. Swiflie

Swiflie is another great Sarahah alternative you may be looking for. It differs from Sarahah in that the post relies entirely on the understanding of the community. You can chat and post your thoughts anonymously, without introducing yourself to the other person.


In addition, this platform allows users to choose to be anonymous or to be themselves, but the choice is yours. In addition, you can choose what to read from distinct, latest, popular, or outdated feeds.


Your community’s favorite posts live longer, while others die faster. However, all messages are temporary and will get automatically archived after a few days.

5. Whisper

Whisper is not simply another option for Sarahah but also the most helpful app to distribute your opinions. You can share your opinions in different categories, such as love and relations, motivation, wellness and nutrition, pop culture, experts and workplaces, and students.


This platform is a complete package for exchanging opinions on topics that interest you. You can also seek advice on different areas of your life (business, relationships, health, student life, etc., rather than personal).


In addition, cyberbullying exists on almost all social media platforms. If you are addicted to anonymous or random chat and prefer to communicate online, then you may experience Internet addiction.

6. Candid

Like all other applications discussed above, Candid is an unidentified messaging application employed to correlate with other personalities. If you are upset and need someone to express all your feelings to someone without revealing their identity, then Candid is your best choice.

You can send unlimited messages through this application, and the recipient of the message can reply immediately. This application is symphonic with Android and iOS operating systems.


This app makes you feel good by helping you get rid of negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, unemployment, and similar situations. In addition, this app can help you control your anger, and you can ask yourself all kinds of questions, which you want to ask anonymously on this platform.

It is a comprehensive and potential area that can aid you to solve the obstacles you are encountering. Therefore, instead of suffering alone, it is better to connect and share.


Cyberbullying (digital bullying), the presence of outsiders who violate privacy, and spamming other members are some disadvantages.

7. Sayat

It is very similar to the Lipsi mentioned above in terms of feedback. We have told you how important feedback is to you, especially for the development of your company. However, in many cases, you may need feedback for your personal issues too.


With this application, you can create a comment wall or URL and ask related questions easily. Then, you can share this URL on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and get honest feedback. You can call it honest feedback because the feedback you receive is anonymous, so anonymity increases the chance of receiving honest feedback.


When feedbacks given are not desirable, feedback repression may occur, which is an emotional disorder associated with anonymous social media use.

8. Covertly

Covertly is an application that does not ask for your personal information, so it secretly provides you with a 100% anonymous platform so that you can confidently share your thoughts with others. Regarding this, there is a system of votes for and against.


The messengers have the freedom to manifest their viewpoint or declare upon it. Therefore, the community has the right to decide what happens and what happens based on the understanding of supporters. Or, you can also have a conversation with other people.


Many reported that community members made others feel wrong by speaking anonymously.

9. After School

After school is an outstanding app that draws teenagers collectively to address their establishment and additional elements. As you can see in its name, this is not as widely known as other applications. It is because it gets completely targeted at a specific audience( students).

However, this is an excellent app for teenagers to discuss options and get appropriate guidance from the app’s student resource center. You can also actively cooperate in informative innovation actions that will arise in your community.


Teenagers and students should discuss their school affairs, homework, projects, gossip, etc. The app assists student users to get supervision from the support station. This application also hides the identity of the message sender.


It gets designed for college students, so it may make them addicted to the Internet.

10. Vent

Like the preceding apps, Vent is another great app that can help you get rid of loneliness and share with others. All you have to do is share anonymously instead of your name.

Many times you need the help of others to listen to and solve your problems, but you don’t want to reveal your identity. You don’t reveal your identity because you don’t want your friends and family to know your secrets.


With Vent, you will never be alone. This application will help you build social connections. If you sense to be abandoned and require to communicate with someone, then Vent can be yours. It is the best place to share your secrets, emotions, and mistakes. The Vent community will assist you in answering intricacies and assist you in finding clarifications.


In addition, cyberbullying exists on almost all social media platforms. If you are addicted to anonymous or casual chatting and prefer to chat online, you may experience internet addiction.


Communication with people is everyone’s basic need. There are several platforms to communicate with people. But sometimes, you will be wanting to share your feelings with someone without judgment and without establishing a personal connection. In these cases, anonymous messaging apps can help you. For you, we have brought you a list of the top 10 Saraha alternatives.

Sarahah itself is good and very popular. If you wanted an alternative, you can go with the options mentioned above. With these anonymous networking platforms, you can get in touch with many people. All you want is to connect with unfamiliar feelings and express your emotions, so what are you waiting for?

We hope you have enjoyed this article on “10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2020.” Happy reading!