How to Make Money Through Blogging in 2023

Blogging can be a powerful and profitable pastime, both generating income, and growing a following and your reputation. If you’re dreaming about being a successful blogger and earning an income through this practice, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the 8 steps for how to make money through blogging in 2023. Let’s see what they are.

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is an easy task. Back in the 90s’, you needed some coding knowledge to get your blog running. Now, all you got to do is find a web hosting service, select a plan, register a domain name, and use an auto-installer to get a CMS like WordPress up and running. Make some changes to customize your blog, and you’re done.

How to Make Money Through Blogging

Before launching your blog, decide on your blog niche first. We suppose you want to make money from blogging. Thus, our advice is to stay away from anything that’s currently trendy. Pick a topic that interests you. Something that can motivate you to learn more each day. That way, you’ll never run out of content ideas, and money will come to you as your traffic grows.

2. Consistently Post Valuable Content

Google will always try to give its users the best content that can satisfy their search queries. Therefore, creating high-quality, informational content for your target audience is a necessity.

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Conduct keyword research for your blog’s niche. It can help you find out your target audience’s pain points, as well as subjects that they’ll be looking for. There are free tools, like Google Insights for Search, to help you with your research. You can also go to Reddit, Quora, and other forums to discover what questions your target audience has in mind.

3. Display Ads

One of the easiest, most popular ways to make money from blogging is to display ads. Once you’ve got enough traffic for your blog, you can start monetizing it.

To start displaying ads, sign up for Google AdSense or other advertising services. The process is relatively easy. However, some services require you to get steady recurring monthly traffic before you can monetize your blog.

If you’re interested in using ads to make money, make sure to familiarize yourself with Cost Per Mille and Cost Per Click programs. That way, you’ll get more profit from displaying ads.

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting a product or service through affiliate links. An affiliate link is a unique code you get from a company after it approves you to be a partner. You can put these links within your content or on your blog with banner ads. Then, every time a user purchases the recommended company’s product through your affiliate link.

Sign up for an affiliate program with a company you think will bring you benefits. We recommend you not to go far from your niche. That way, your readers will see some consistency on your blog, resulting in a higher engagement level.

5. Write Paid Reviews

As the name suggests, writing paid reviews means you’ll get paid for writing a review for a product or service. Typically, an advertiser will come to you to offer paid review opportunities. Thus, all you have to do is to tell them “Yes” or “No.”

Write Paid Reviews to Make Money

Being offered to write reviews and get paid is great. However, you need to always think about your readers. If, by taking the chance, your readers can also benefit from the product, go ahead and write the review.

You need to think it through if the product you’re going to review doesn’t add value to your readers. Or if it’s irrelevant to your blog niche.

6. Accept Sponsored and Guest Posts

Another alternative for partnering with companies is through accepting sponsored posts and guest posts. Suppose a company wants to create a guest post article for your blog. In that case, you’ll get paid for allowing it to promote their products or services on your blog through written content.

Here are some tips to get advertisers to offer you sponsored or guest post opportunities:

  • Highlight the best-performing content. A good first impression matters. Therefore, display the best content on your homepage.
  • Display blog stats. Advertisers want to know if sponsor posting on your blog is worth the money they invest. Help them by providing information for monthly visitors, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers.
  • Create guidelines. Doing so will save you from answering the same questions over and over. The guide should cover the article topic and intent, writing style guide, post length, and cost.

However, keep in mind to accept guest post offers only if they’re informational for your readers. After all, the key to being a successful blogger is to always post valuable content.

7. Sell Digital Goods or Services

Selling digital products and services like ebooks, online courses, stock photos, and software can be a great alternative for getting a passive income. Additionally, you don’t have to promote other company’s products and also share the profits.

Sell Digital Goods or Services

The main hindrance probably comes from the marketing landscape, as it usually requires money to invest. In the meantime, you can make use of your social media to promote your goods and services.

8. Start Freelancing

Don’t forget that you can promote your own skills on your blog. Whether they’re video editing or JavaScript coding skills, you can always save a page on your blog to let people know you can help them with their problems.

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There are many ways you can choose to make money through blogging. With the eight tips you’ve learned throughout the article, you’ll be ready to earn that extra cash. On top of everything, your readers will appreciate the original content. Thus, always include your readers before making a decision.