Covid Vaccination Rates Have Slumped in Some Parts of The World, and Experts Are Worried

When the coronavirus was in its initial stages the entire world was panicking. The only thing that everyone looked forward to every day is the Covid Vaccine. People even got restless waiting for it and listening to the news about the trials.

When the wait was finally over and the vaccine was created then it was a sign of relief for most of the people. Now there was at least something to protect us from the virus even if partially.

Many people were pushing and rushing to get the vaccine. For about 9 months since the vaccine came out, there has been a huge demand for the vaccine by the people where most of the public were more than eager to get vaccinated.

Covid Vaccination Rates Have Slumped in Some Parts of The World, and Experts Are Worried

However, after this, the vaccination rates have gone down. The numbers have Slumped now and after the initial rush, the figures are going down even though complete 100% vaccination of all the people have not been done yet.

This is making the health officials and the experts worry about it. The case is more worrisome because the Covid restrictions have been uplifted in places and almost everyone is out now. So what is actually going to happen if people do not take the vaccine?

There is also the fact that the cases in Europe and United States have been increasing for some time now. If Nothing is done then the situation can spiral out of control.

“The stagnation that we are finding and seeing in vaccine uptake in our region is of a very serious concern,” Dr. Hans Kluge,  said in a press statement last week. He is the head of the World Health Organization European Branch.

“Now that we are in the open and the public health and social measures are being relaxed in many countries, there is a fact that the public’s vaccination acceptance is very important”, he continued in his speech.

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So some measures need to be taken to get the vaccination rates back on Track. Many people might as well be planning out something now. So keep up to date with the news. We will keep you well informed.