9 Best Alternatives To Anilinkz

Anime is a popular cartoon series, which is also famous among today’s teenagers and youngsters. Many prefer to watch them for free of cost. And yes, for their expectation, there are many free streaming platforms available to watch anime videos, series, movies, and shows.

It is difficult for anime enthusiasts to find a reliable website to play their favorite anime series, especially due to severe ISP restrictions and website closures. Finding alternatives allows us to build on our experience and keep us informed about the latest episodes. In this article, we will discuss the best Anilinkz alternatives and websites, focusing on their main features, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.

9 Best Alternatives To Anilinkz

The history of animation can get traced back more than a century. The term is borrowed from Japanese culture and is a series of special cartoon series and movies that bring the audience into a different, detailed world and in-depth character development. Anilinkz follows in the footsteps of these characters honestly. Now it is time to check out other sites with the same functionality.

What is Anilinz?

Among the countless anime streaming websites appearing on the Internet, there is a trend to bundle them all into a huge library that is easy to search and search. Anilinkz did just that, and compared to other rough anime streaming sites, it exceeded many expectations.

Anilinkz gets supported by ads and always offers free content without registration. You can visit different genres, learn more about each anime, and watch different series, from miniseries with only a few episodes to large ones composed of hundreds of episodes.

Without a doubt, Anilinkz is the best in the market. Still, it’s okay to know some of the alternatives of the same. And yes, that’s the motive of this article. Something interesting about Anilinz is you will be able to watch only high-quality videos. Also, all the users get a chance of choosing the best from the millions of listings available on the site. So, if you are ready to watch anime, then Anilinkz is the best. Furthermore, as said earlier, we will be also looking into its substitution.

Top 9 Alternatives To Anilinz

1. Anime Simple

As the name suggests, Anime Simple is easy to use. All the information you need about anime updates, quality, and reviews can get found on the homepage. There are many to watch, and the site is 100% free for all users.


It has a simple interface. Most programs have more than one link for you to use. The highest advantage of using Anime Simple is – you can easily watch any videos at any time online. The videos come as dubbed or have English subtitles.


You can’t see the latest show. The update will take a while. Yes, this will take away all your patience and does not suffice your requirements instantly.

2. Anime Take

Anilinkz’s other big competitor on the Internet is Anime Take. Although the website seems to be a return to the beginning of the web design, the content of the website is consistent with the latest videos.


There are no ads on the website, so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the browsing experience. You need not register to watch videos.


Although the user interface is simple, many users find it unattractive. It may be a limiting factor for more people to visit your website. It supplies pirated content too. It may cause legal issues if you are not using a VPN to secure your browsing.

3. Anime Lab

Anime Lab provides an alternative to Anilinkz with a relatively similar user interface. Users can create an account to access their operations, or simply use their social network account to log in to the website’s server.


It provides various animated videos from all over the world. In addition, it does not charge service subscription fees.


These sites steal content from various sources and provide it to users without legal permission.

4. Nyaa

Nyaa does not have the most innovative user interface, so it may be a bit difficult for new users to adapt. However, it still has a huge library, with new episodes and titles appearing every day. The site is that you can also use to download and contribute videos, although you need an account to do so.


It has a good filter system to sort out your choices. Or, you can set the mode to be softer and darker. If you are using a smartphone or laptop, this change is also more beneficial to your battery.


One of the shortcomings is ads. In addition to annoying pop-up ads, is that some titles are displayed in the native language, which is completely unreadable for non-Japanese users.

5. Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs is an original website with a cute title, reminiscent of the horrible translation of the series that appeared on the Internet. However, it provides reliable content through reliable subtitles and synchronization.


It has a variety of titles and genres to choose from, which gets listed in alphabetical order on the website. It is also worth noting that each video has a detailed description, introducing the plot to users. There is also a comment area for everyone to discuss.


Remember, the content of Horrible Subs is not entirely legal. Therefore, if you don’t want to get caught, the best way is to use reliable VPN software. Also, you get many frustrating popups, while watching your favorite anime series. Avoiding this is not possible, because ads are the source of revenue to these site owners.

6. KissAnime

It is one of the best choices for Anilinkz. The user interface is also very easy to use. So users can access all overlay functions very efficiently without worrying about any issues.


The specialization includes easy access to video players and the ability to stream unbuffered video. In the past few months, the site has been regularly visited by millions of users. The web server is the best, and it encourages its developers to continue their efforts to achieve more.


There is a risk of losing financial and personal information when purchasing subscriptions on unreliable platforms.

7. Anime Freak

You can watch anime shows online from this site. It is also similar to the mainstream platform that telecast the shows. The meaning is, it gets you the same feel and same quality. Like other sites, the usage of Anime Freak is also flexible and straightforward. Without much stretch, you will be able to work on it. It has an automatically updating feature, which gives you updates on the latest anime show details.


Your homepage has been optimized efficiently and is safe to use. You will not find any common problems or errors related to advertising. It is an automatic update, and the update function helps to stream the latest anime movies.


People who try to download movies from this streaming site have to wait for several hours to complete the download. Pathetically, this problem is of major worry among people who have poor network connections.

8. Animeland

Animeland is for anime lovers who like dubbing. With this in mind, the homepage will show you the most popular anime titles, but you can also navigate to a synchronized anime list. There are also several anime movies on the list. It provides different genres and all your favorite classics too.


However, all content is free and does not require registration. The popular filter system of the site helps the users to apply filters and find the desired video. Other features like HD quality video, lesser misleading links, and reduced risk of spam attacks are some of the advantages of using this site.


The site supports ads and hopes to appear wherever you click, especially after clicking the play button.

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9. Masterani

Masterani is a popular streaming platform with a simplified user interface and search bar. Most content gets streamed in 1080p, and some options provide a choice between subtitles and dubbed English content.


It has two sections: anime movies and anime series. You can search for your favorite content. Not only can you find typical anime movies and TV series here, but you can also find other relevant content that may be of interest to you.


The site supports advertisements, so many pop-up windows get expected. In addition, the site uses outdated Adobe Flash, so it is difficult to navigate.

Bottom Line

Thank you for staying with us till the end! Anilinkz is one of the best websites to watch anime movies. But there are also good alternatives. As you can see, many options can serve as great alternatives to anilinkz. We encourage you to try all of these and decide which one you like best. If the source of the files of the animation streaming website you run is suspicious, you must use a VPN to avoid breaking the law. The article does not support the display or distribution of pirated content and is for reference only. Happy reading!