15 Best Sites Like ‘CouchTuner’ Alternatives

If you like to watch TV shows and movies online then you know what I’m talking about. This is a very popular site that allows you to stream tv shows and movies for free. The best way of enjoying your movies and shows is with a bucket of popcorn and a glass of juice.

Why are we telling you this? Well because we want you to have the complete experience of course. Sites like CouchTuner is good but we must remember that they are not exactly legal. Even though they are not legal and we know it but we still enjoy the shows.

It is like a guilty pleasure. You can not just stop. Well, then you can surely say that these sites can be taken down at any moment. When you have to face such a situation you will find that very irritating.

This happens to all of us and you are not going to enjoy this situation at all. But if you know the correct way to handle things then you will find it easier to cope with. We are here today to tell you about the best sites like CouchTuner. They are all generally free.


In the era of digital streaming, various platforms have risen to prominence, offering users a vast array of content. CouchTuner, often discussed in online circles, has been one such platform.

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This article endeavors to shed light on what CouchTuner is, its current operational status, the mastermind behind it, its advantages, safety considerations, and potential costs.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner was an online streaming platform that provided users access to TV shows, primarily, without the need for a subscription. With a user-friendly interface, it hosted a vast array of shows from different networks, genres, and countries.

15 Best Sites like CouchTuner

15 best of the alternative sites for Couchtuner is a big deal. Instead of going around the internet like a blind person, this one is the best way to quickly and efficiently get the alternatives for the site.

We know that once you get addicted to movies and TV shows, it is almost impossible to go without them and who can blame you? With all the hordes of fantastic shows and movies coming out every week and month, it is hard to keep up.

The pull is very addictive and we hope you enjoy it. So we will do our trivial part in the big series of things and make sure that you are well backed up with alternate sites for CouchTuner. Without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. PopcornTime

The first one on our list is PopcornTime. This one is getting a lot of popularity these days. The fact is that it streams all the best torrent tv shows and movies. The good quality of the videos also helps since they have the best quality of resolution available all over the net. You can watch all the best tv shows here.

You just need a good Internet connection and you are set. HD shows are also available. You can really enjoy yourself with popcorn time. This is one of the best alternatives out there. So do not settle down just yet, have a look at the others too.

2. YesMovies

Maybe you have already heard of this. This is a great alternative site where you can watch all the tv shows and movies for free. It is said that audiences from all the countries like Japan, USA, Korea, and much more use this site.

They have a very good collection of movies and TV shows. All the genres like adventure, horror, mystery, comedy, and much more are available here.

They are really in good HD video quality too. The TV shows and movies are available in different sections so do not be panicking if you can’t find it when you open it first. It is smooth in interface and also helps a lot of people because of its easy to use the search box.

3. PopcornFlix

This is a legal site. And it’s completely free of cost. Yes, you heard that right. We usually associate such sites with illegal affairs but this one is a legal site so you won’t have to worry about this being taken down.

You do not have to subscribe to watch a show or drama, it is all free. There are no hidden costs either. The site only offers drama that is available in your country so that might be a drawback for some people. Nonetheless, it still has a good interface and is very popular. Go check it out.

4. SolarMovie

This is also a great site if you want to look for TV shows and movies for free online. They have a great collection of movies and shows from different genres. Action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, mystery, comedy and a lot more genres are available, so there is always something for someone.

No one is bored here. The site is not ad-free obviously but if you take a premium version then you can get rid of the pesky ads. However, that will cost you money. So you won’t really want that. Just install an ad blocker or something.

5. 123 Movies

The site is the next in line. It also is absolutely free. You do not have to login or subscribe to watch the movies and TV shows. The name is quite similar to the people because this site is very popular.

You can search for shows and movies with the genre or release date of the series. It is a great search engine that you can use to the fullest. The site also has a lot of ads. So if you do not want your experience to be interrupted then get an ad blocker.

6. StreamLikers

This one is another site. It is not that special or anything but you can say that it is a good alternative. It is efficient and has features like CouchTuner so it gets the job done. You can watch all the new releases of tv shows and movies for free.

It has no hidden costs or subscription feature. The site is also well organized which makes it easier for people to search for their favorite or intended shows and movies. The interface is also great and user friendly. You should definitely give this a try. The library is also regularly updated.

7. PutlockerHD

Putlocker HD is the next one on the list. It is a great site that many of you have already heard of. It is quite popular, to say the least. After putlocker got into trouble they came up with the Putlocker HD. This is far better than the original one.

It has a wider collection of movies and tv shows. It also has a lot of new features. The interface for Putlocker HD is good and it is so well organized. It has caught our eye and we can easily enjoy this site for free, so if you want you can go for this one too. It’s far better than its previous version.

8. RainierLand

If you have a thing for the layout of CouchTuner then you will like Rainierland. The layout is the same, well almost the same. This is a great alternative site where you can get the latest shows and movies.

You can also search for your favorite shows online. The facts about movies and TV shows can be seen by clicking on their icons. All the info is available. You can also enjoy it on different devices like your laptop or smartphone.

9. LosMovies

You can enjoy the different language of movies here. Of course, there are subtitles in English that help you understand it but it is difficult to pick a good movie in a different language. The site has a huge variety of collections that makes this task a lot harder.

The fact that this site do not have a proper movie plot unlike other sites is an issue that you will face with this site. It also has a lot of pop-ups and ads. That can also cause some hindrance to your watching experience.

10. MovieWatcher

The movie watcher in you is going to love MovieWatcher. Yes, that’s right. We went there! It is a pretty normal site that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It is well known for its collection of movies as said in their name.

The existence of the movie watcher is going to be a great help to you. It has a great interface along with a good layout. It is definitely the type that you will spend hours watching movie and TV shows. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your popcorn and snacks. It’s time to binge!

11. VidSturm

The concept is the same here. You get to watch movie shows and tv shows online. It is also absolutely free of cost. It is not so well organized like the other site but it has a search bar that will help you to search for different shows and movies that you would like to watch.

The video quality is pretty decent and even if the site is not something special, it gets the job done. It has a lot of pop-ups and ads that can be a bit irritating but it is still worth it.

12. SnagFilms

This one is a pretty big deal. It has over 5000 shows and tv shows online. It has a huge virtual library and they keep it regularly updated. It is a site where you can find your favorite shows.

Most of the users are from the United States Of America but there are viewers from other counties too. The site is a special site where you will never run out of materials to watch.

The advertisements are a necessary evil that you have to endure to get to the good stuff. It’s like eating veggies before the meat. So bad analogy we know, but it is what it is.

13. MovieNinja

We personally Like this site a lot. It has a lot of lesser ads and pop-ups than any other free streaming sites that we have encountered. It has a big virtual library with a great collection of movies and shows.

They are regularly updated but you can still find some of the old movies and tv shows online here. It has one of the best navigation and user-friendly interface that we have ever seen. So we will highly recommend using this site. It is absolutely free of charge and we are sure you will like it.

14. Vumoo

Vumoo is a strange name. We know you are thinking that because we thought that too when we first read about it. Nonetheless, it is not only known for having a strange name. It is a great site where you can find the latest episode of TV shows and movies absolutely free of charge.

It attracts a lot of users. People are satisfied with this site since more and more people seem to join. You do not need to get any signup or subscription plan either. Just grab your snacks and enjoy the movies.

15. TinklePad

Do not disregard this because it is sitting in the last position on this list. It has a good collection of movies and it can give CouchTuner a run for their money. The best way of doing things is that you directly go to their site and search for your favorite TV shows and movies.

The interface for this site is pretty decent. You can also download movies to watch later. The very fact that it is free of cost is an added bonus. Stream movies like never before.

Is CouchTuner Still Working?

The original CouchTuner website has faced numerous shutdowns and domain changes due to copyright issues. As a result, while the original CouchTuner might not be operational, various clones and mirror sites claiming to be “CouchTuner” have sprung up.

Users should exercise caution when accessing these, as their legitimacy and safety can be questionable.

Who is the Founder of CouchTuner?

The identity of the founder or the team behind CouchTuner remains undisclosed. This anonymity is common among free streaming platforms, given the potential legal complications and copyright challenges they often face.


Benefits of CouchTuner

  1. Extensive TV Show Library: CouchTuner boasted a vast collection of TV shows from multiple networks, often updated shortly after the original air date.
  2. No Subscription Fees: One of the primary draws of CouchTuner was that it was free, allowing users to stream without any direct cost.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The platform had an intuitive design, making it easy for users to find and stream their favorite TV shows.
  4. Diverse Content: CouchTuner catered to a global audience, offering shows from various countries and in different languages.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

Safety has always been a point of contention for free streaming platforms:

  • Pop-ups and Ads: CouchTuner, being a free platform, relied heavily on advertisements. Some of these ads could lead users to dubious or potentially harmful sites.
  • Legal Implications: Streaming copyrighted content without the necessary rights can be illegal in many jurisdictions, posing a risk to users.
  • Malware Concerns: There’s always a risk of encountering malware or other malicious threats on such platforms.

It’s imperative for users to have updated antivirus software and consider using VPNs when accessing sites like CouchTuner.

Is CouchTuner Free?

Yes, CouchTuner was primarily a free platform, which is what attracted a significant portion of its user base. The website was ad-supported, which was its main revenue source.

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The fact that you have read this entire article means a lot to us. We think now you have ample options for getting a streaming site. Most and probably all of them are free of charge so you won’t have to worry about charges and burdening your purse.

We highly recommend that you go for their premium version only if you want to spend money. Go through some of the sites and check them out before committing to one single site. In case the sites are temporarily unavailable then you can check another one out.

CouchTuner, in its prime, offered TV enthusiasts an easy and free way to catch up on their favorite shows. However, with the convenience came risks both in terms of cybersecurity and potential legal ramifications.

The story of CouchTuner serves as a reminder of the fast-paced evolution of online streaming and the importance of safe and legal content consumption in the digital age.

There are about 15 sites so you will never be able to go without watching TV shows and movies. Keep rotating the sites if that’s what makes you happy.