The UK Covid Vaccine Programme A Test For The World

The UK is known to give out Covid 19 vaccine in bulk. It is efficient, and had been working quite diligently to make sure that the citizens are getting vaccinated. But the delta variant of the coronavirus that was first found in India had not been making it easy. The number of cases are still high, and this makes the UK the test area for the world.

“All eyes (are) on UK Covid trends,” Kallum Pickering, senior economist, and director at Berenberg Bank, said in a note Tuesday.

The UK Covid Vaccine Programme A Test For The World

“With its high vaccination rate but a rising number of daily recorded infections, the UK has turned into the test case for whether mass vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 can bring [an] end to the repeated cycles of lockdowns and other harsh social distancing protocols that have wreaked havoc on the global economy ever since the pandemic struck in early 2019,” he said.

But the vaccination pace does have a lot of benefits too. In the case of the third wave of coronavirus, which seems very much plausible and evident to happen now, UK will not be facing that much trouble with the third wave. Picketing noted, “the U.K. can get through the new wave of infections without having to tighten restrictions and thus with only limited economic damage.

Even though the number of people infected every day is high, it is lesser than it was before and the number of people who are hospitalized is also very less compared to the beginning of the second wave. So the only ray of hope here is getting the vaccine soon.