How To ‘Trakt.TV/Activate’ Through The Different Methods

Trakt.TV is an incredible tool for TV and movie enthusiasts who desire a unified platform to track their watching habits, discover new shows, and get recommendations based on their viewing history.

Activating Trakt.TV on your preferred devices using Trakt.TV/Activate can streamline your entertainment experience and ensure you never lose track of your favorite series or movie watchlist.

Let’s delve into how you can Activate Trakt.TV and why it’s a game-changer for your streaming routine.


Step-by-Step Activation of Trakt.TV

Activating Trakt.TV is a straightforward process, but it can vary slightly depending on the device you’re using. Below, we outline the general steps and then dive into specifics for different devices.

General Activation Steps

Install the App: Ensure that the app you want to use with Trakt.TV is downloaded on your device.

Open the App and Find Trakt.TV Integration: Go to the app’s settings or account section where you’ll find an option to connect to Trakt.TV.

Receive Activation Code: You will be provided with a unique activation code that you’ll use on the Trakt.TV website.

Activate Online: Visit Trakt.TV/Activate on a web browser, sign in to your Trakt.TV account, and enter the code.

Confirmation: After submitting the code, you’ll receive confirmation, and your app will refresh to reflect the Trakt.TV integration.

Activating on Media Players (Roku, Apple TV, etc.)

Access Trakt.TV: Find the Trakt.TV option within the app you are using on your media player.

Note the Code: Write down the activation code displayed on your screen.

Visit the Activation Link: Use a mobile or desktop browser to go to [Trakt.TV/Activate] and log into your account.

Enter the Code: Type in the activation code and proceed.

Start Tracking: Your media player app should now sync with your Trakt.TV account.

Activating on Smart TVs

Trakt.TV on TV App Store: Download the Trakt.TV-supported app from your Smart TV’s app store.

Launch and Locate Trakt.TV: Within the app, find the option to connect to Trakt.TV.

Code Display: Note the code that your TV displays.

Web Activation: Enter this code at [Trakt.TV/Activate] on a separate device.

Activation Complete: Your Smart TV will confirm the successful link to Trakt.TV.

Activating on Mobile Devices and Tablets

App Download: Make sure the app supporting Trakt.TV is installed on your device.

Settings: In the app, go to settings and select ‘Connect to Trakt.TV’.

Code Usage: A code will be displayed; enter it on the Trakt.TV activation website.

Activation: Once Activated, your mobile app syncs with your Trakt.TV profile.

Benefits of Activating Trakt.TV

Centralized Tracking: Keep tabs on all your watchlists and history in one place.

Cross-Platform: Move between devices without losing your spot in a show or movie.

Personalized Recommendations: Get show and movie suggestions tailored to your tastes.

Social Sharing: Share your watch history and lists with friends or the Trakt.TV community.

Trakt.TV Activation Plans

Trakt.TV doesn’t sell content or subscriptions, so it doesn’t have activation plans in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s a service that tracks your TV show and movie watching habits.

However, it does offer different tiers of service, including a VIP membership that comes with added features. Below are the details of Trakt.TV’s service levels:

Free Plan

Track Watching: Log every movie and episode you watch automatically from your favorite streaming services.

Discover Content: Find new shows and movies based on your watching habits.

Create Lists: Organize your favorite shows and movies into lists.

VIP Plan

Ad-Free Browsing: Enjoy the Trakt website and mobile apps without any advertisements.

Advanced Filtering: Filter and sort lists with advanced options only available to VIP members.

Custom Calendars: Personalize your TV show calendar to hide spoilers and see when your shows are returning.

Early Access: Gain early access to new features before they’re available to everyone.

Exclusive Widgets: Use VIP-only widgets on your website or blog.

Premium Support: VIP members receive priority customer support.

VIP-Episodic Plan

Episode Progress: Get access to advanced progress features for episodes.

More Personalization: Tailor your episode watching experience to your preferences.

Benefits of VIP Membership

Support Development: Your VIP membership helps support the costs of running and developing Trakt.TV.

Exclusive Access: Be the first to test and enjoy upcoming features and apps.

Enhanced Experience: The additional features available to VIP members are designed to enhance the way you track and engage with your favorite content.

Remember that Trakt.TV itself does not provide content but acts as a companion to your existing streaming services by keeping track of your watching habits, giving recommendations, and helping you discover new favorites.

The VIP membership elevates the Trakt.TV experience by providing additional functionalities for those who want more from the service.


Trakt.TV offers an exceptional solution for managing your media consumption across various streaming platforms. By following these activation steps at Trakt.TV/Activate, you can enhance your viewing experience, maintain a comprehensive watchlist, and explore content curated just for you.

With Trakt.TV Activated, you’re not just watching; you’re part of a global network of enthusiasts shaping the future of streaming.