Tesla Delivers More Than 200,000 Vehicles

The quarter’s deliveries fell slightly short of expectations. Analysts were projecting Tesla to deliver around 201,820 cars during this period, according to estimates compiled by FactSet-owned StreetAccount as of July 2.

Estimates ranged from 190,000 to 231,000 deliveries. Tesla shares were up about 1.5% Friday morning.

Tesla Delivers More Than 200,000 Vehicles

Tesla Delivers More Than 200,000 Vehicles

During the quarter, Tesla produced 206,421 vehicles total, including 204,081 of its Model 3 and Y, which are its more affordable mid-range cars. It produced 2,340 Model S and X vehicles, the company said.

The second-quarter numbers broke the previous record set in Q1 when Tesla delivered 184,800 and produced 180,338 cars, even as production of its Model S and X vehicles fell to zero during that quarter. The company is now producing Model 3 and Y vehicles at its Shanghai plant and its U.S. factory in Fremont, California.

This is indeed one of the biggest that had been seen till date. Tesla is not known to break out models based on region or model. It is also not known to report on production in China vs that of the US.

In the second quarter, Tesla was facing a lot of problems that was probably commonly faced by all automobile companies. A shortage of the parts along with the increase in the price was the cause behind it. CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet on May 31 that some changes in design were made in order to cope with the price rise of the parts.

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Final Words

On June 11, Musk said ″should be at several hundred cars per week soon,” but would not be producing thousands of Model S vehicles per week until the next quarter. So that is all that had been going on with Tesla at the moment.

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