SppExtComObjPatcher.exe: Is It Safe or Not?

All the users are very well familiar with sppextcomobjpatcher.exe. Generally this file appears at C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\Win32\SppExtComObjPatcher or C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\x64\SppExtComObjPatcher, so you might have noticed your antivirus catching this file.

SppExtComObjPatcher.exe Is It Safe or Not

What is SppExtComObjPatcher.exe?

It is a part of the operating system only. However, there is no official or legal way to prove. It is used for activating Microsoft products and windows but not legally. Such a file running in your system is indicative that it is pirated.

This is the reason why such files are stopped by the antivirus in the system. This is done because Microsoft soft avoids having pirated copies of their products.

There are a lot of ways from where a user can get the sppextcomobjpatcher.exe file in their system:

  • There is a possibility that a user might install it deliberately, as such users are very well aware by the fact that by doing this they can easily pass the licensing step of legal application as doing this helps such users to use them for free.
  • It is very well possible in case if you have bought your pc from a store where you have already installed the windows copy.
  • And not only you can get such a file if you have already installed it. However, even if a user himself/herself installs then also there are chances of getting such a file in your system.

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Is SppExtComObjPatcher.exe
Safe or Not?

As it is not a legal software so on the basis of where you get such a file in your system it may or may not be harmful. The most important thing is that it is very easy to make such files and anyone can sell the pirated version of it for free.

We recommend you that do not use the operating system that is subject to piracy. So although for the users who install it intentionally, there is no solution in case you a window copy is pre-installed. Then in that case you should return it to the store owner.

In case you have an authentic window then it is best to scan your device with good antivirus. A majority of antivirus can detect it in your system. There are very few chances of getting such a file only in case if you are not using the legal copy of windows.

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At last, it completely depends on the choice of user. So for all those users who are habitual of using pirated versions, they can continue using it. For the rest of the users, it is not a cause of worry. The majority of the antivirus programs will easily detect it as it is not a legal software.