How to Fix “Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On” Issue

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming system with a wide variety of titles available for download or purchase. The versatility of the Switch as a home console and portable device is its main selling point.

If the console stops responding altogether or stops operating properly while you’re on the road, it’s a major issue. Listed below are some possible solutions to the problem of a non-booting Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On

An Overview of Nintendo Switch

There is a lot of excitement about Nintendo’s latest handheld platform, the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is essentially a handheld device, unlike the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And Nintendo’s docking feature was a game-changer. The Switch can be docked into a television for big-screen gaming action. Brilliant. The Nintendo Switch comes in three different flavors.

The standard Nintendo Switch has a screen and can be docked. Then there’s the Switch that uses an OLED screen. Moreover, this allows for TV docking. The Nintendo Switch Lite has finally been released.

It has the smallest screen size (5.5 inches) of the three options. The Lite version’s lack of a docking feature is unfortunate. All game consoles have flaws, even the most expensive ones. Even Nintendo Switch doesn’t break the mold.

You may notice the Switch getting sluggish, unresponsive, and slow after prolonged use. The device can be given a fresh lease on life by simply resetting it.

The Nintendo Switch can also be reset if its owner decides to sell the device and wipes its contents before doing so. If you perform a factory reset, all of your saved games and personal information will be deleted.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On Issue

There is a good possibility you can get your Switch to come on again if you follow the instructions below.

Solution 1: Turn it on Manually

While the Switch is docked, powering it on is as easy as picking up one of the Joy-Cons and pressing the power button.

On the other hand, they can lose charge or become unpaired, rendering them useless when trying to turn on the console. The Switch’s Power button is conveniently located on its top, so it’s easy to manually activate it.

Solution 2: Let it Charge

If you push the Switch’s Power button and it still won’t turn on, the battery may be dead. It may have lost its residual charge over time if it has been a long since you charged it. Either the dock or the charging cable can be used to recharge a Nintendo Switch, with the latter option requiring at least an hour of time.

In roughly three hours, once the Switch has finished charging, it will be ready for use. You’ll probably have to wait a few minutes after plugging in the Switch to play with it as it charges.

To indicate that it still needs to be charged, a charging icon (often a lightning bolt) will appear on the battery icon in the top left corner. You should wait for it to charge for a while longer before trying to use it again.

Solution 3: Check for Damage

What’s the deal, Switch? It still won’t switch on, right? You should check it out just in case there’s damage. Try plugging the charger directly into the Switch and seeing whether it fits snugly.

If the cable is slack, remove it and inspect the port for any signs of damage like fractures, burns, or burned plastic. Check for any strange, burning odors coming from the Switch. If you notice any of these issues with your console, it may be time to send it in for service.

Look for frayed, crimped, or damaged wires, and make sure the charger is working properly. Check for any burnt odors coming from the adapter by giving it a good whiff. If it’s showing signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced; to avoid problems with third-party adapters, though, you should only buy an official Nintendo charger.

Solution 4: Reset the AC Adapter

Resetting the charger may solve the problem if the adapter is fine but the Switch still won’t charge.

Step 1: To begin, disconnect the charger from both the Switch and the wall.

Step 2: Pause for roughly thirty seconds.

Step 3: Connect the Switch to its charger and allow it to charge for several hours.

Step 4: Try turning on the Switch by pressing the Power button on its top.

Solution 5: Perform a Hard Reset

If your Switch won’t turn on after charging it, or if you can still make out some light through the black display, you should probably just shut it down manually. You should not worry about losing any of the information you have stored. As a manual means of turning the Switch off:

Step 1: First, turn on the Switch by pressing and holding the Power button on top for around 20 seconds.

Step 2: Wait a few more seconds after releasing the Power button.

Step 3: Activate the power in the usual way by pressing the button.

If that doesn’t work, there may be something more fundamental wrong. If you need assistance, try contacting Nintendo’s customer service.


If your preferred video game system won’t power on, it might be very annoying. You’re out of luck when it comes to playing Mario Kart, Pok√©mon, or any other game you might enjoy. Personally, I’ve got my hands on a Nintendo Switch.

Sometime in the past few months, I experienced an issue with my unit. After performing a hard reset, my Nintendo Switch still won’t power up. The battery turned out to be entirely dead. What a relief it was to see the screen light up after charging it.

Don’t freak out and assume the worst if you find yourself in a similar situation. Solution(s) are probably found farther in the text, so keep reading. Hope now you know how to fix nintendo switch wont turn on.