Millions Can Be Suffering From Long Covid, a British Study Has Revealed

A study was done in England, and it was mainly focused on the symptoms that all the people affected by Covid had. They noticed that more than 2 million people were affected by this condition known as ‘long Covid’.

Millions Can Be Suffering From Long Covid

The study is a part of Imperial College London’s REACT research which is tracking the virus in England. They are the ones who sought out 508,707 people across the country of roughly 56 million and asked them whether they’d had Covid.

After that, they asked about the presence and duration of 29 different symptoms linked to the virus.

Millions Can Be Suffering From Long Covid

Among all of the participants, around 76,155 participants said that they had experienced a symptomatic Covid infection, 37.7% said they experienced at least one symptom lasting 12 weeks or more, while almost 15% of people said they had experienced three or more symptoms lasting 12 weeks or more.

“In this large community-based study of symptoms following Covid-19 among adults aged 18 years and above in England, participants reported high prevalence of persistent symptoms lasting 12 weeks or more,” the researchers at Imperial noted of their latest study.

“Estimates ranged from 5.8% of the population experiencing one or more persistent symptoms post-Covid-19 (corresponding to over 2 million adults in England), to 2.2% for three or more persistent symptoms (just under a million adults in England),” the researchers noted.

Scientists are still trying to research more into this long Covid. “A substantial proportion of people with symptomatic Covid-19 go on to have persistent symptoms for 12 weeks or more, which is age-dependent.

Clinicians need to be aware of the different manifestations of Long Covid, which may require tailored therapeutic approaches,” researchers at Imperial said.

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Is there a Certain Group of People that are More Likely to Suffer From Long-Term COVID?

Those who are more likely to experience long-lasting symptoms are those who:

  • women
  • those who are overweight, who smoke, or who are obese
  • Individuals that are economically disadvantaged
  • Patients that were hospitalized because to COVID-19.

The study also found that the risk was lower among Asians and that older adults were more likely to experience long-lasting symptoms.