Knicks Fall to Raptors Amid Flurry of 3-Pointers

FLORIDA’S TAMPA (AP) — If the New York Knicks had been able to make some outside shots on Thursday night, they might have been able to benefit from Toronto forward Pascal Siakam’s absence.

Points in the Victory

The Raptors defeated the Knicks 100-83 despite playing without their star forward, Fred VanVleet scored 25 points in the victory.

Knicks Fall to Raptors Amid Flurry of 3-Pointers

The 3-for-36 shooting from beyond the arc by New York prevented them from going on a three-game winning streak.

Knicks Coach

Tom Thibodeau, the Knicks’ coach, said, “If we would have made some of our 3s, we probably would have had a good chance to win.”

After Ccoring

Siakam, who promptly left the court in annoyance after fouling out of a game at Philadelphia on Tuesday night, was on the Toronto bench but not wearing a uniform. After scoring three of Toronto’s first four points, small forward Norman Powell finished with 17 points.

“It was obviously a disciplinary action for an internal issue. Let’s leave it at that for the time being “Coach Nick Nurse of Toronto

For the Raptors (1-3), Kyle Lowry had 20 points and seven rebounds while shooting 17 for 52 from beyond the arc.


For the Knicks, Julius Randle had 16 points and 10 rebounds (2-3). Together, Reggie Bullock and RJ Barrett shot zero of seventeen attempts from beyond the arc.

Halfway Point

Early in the game, the Knicks fell behind by as many as 11 points, and by the halfway point of the second quarter, they were only shooting 29 percent (11 for 38). With 1:29 remaining in the first half, however, Randle went on an eight-point scoring spree and gave New York their first lead.

The Knicks increased their lead to 52-45 early in the second half thanks to a layup by Mitchell Robinson. However, Alex Len connected on three of Toronto’s six 3-point attempts in the third quarter, giving the Raptors a seven-point lead at the time.

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Overall the Knicks Shot 36%.

Randle said, “We were in the game. Although 3-for-36 shooting is obviously not helpful, we still believed that the game was very much within our grasp to win.