5 Best Alternatives to Facebook That Your Must Try in 2021


Facebook has turned to be the biggest social network after getting global in the year 2006. Everyone is aware of Facebook, and almost all of them have a personalized Facebook account. Facebook is known to be the king amongst all the social media. There is no drawback of Facebook instead of some of the privacy concerns. Nothing is still available which can match Facebook.

Some users believe that Twitter is better than Facebook, although, in reality, it isn’t an alternative. It doesn’t aim for users who wish to be in touch with people they are close to like friends and family. As we have mentioned, there exists no proper alternative to Facebook, so we have provided you some social networks which can be used as a Facebook alternative. If you want any other app which can act as Facebook, here we have a list for you. Let’s go through this list.

Best Alternatives to Facebook

Top 5 Facebook Alternatives to Try in 2021

This article dedicates to social media lovers. It contains a list of the 5 best alternatives to Facebook for different social media. So that you can find the best application for yourself. So let’s view our article.

1. Instagram

The Instagram platform is now one of the most popular social media platforms amongst youngsters and has made a place for online business too. Facebook owns Instagram. It has become the most popular one in the last five years. This is an all-rounder platform on which you can post photos, short videos, make a conversation with your friends, follow and unfollow people.

You can even add stories on it that get invisible after 24 hours, and if you want to stay them longer on your profile, you can highlight them. Recently a new feature of reals has been launched by this platform. One of the most important things is it lets you set this platform to update Twitter, Facebook, and social media. You must check out this great application.

2. Reddit

Reddit platform is available publicly on which all the users are allowed to post and comment on Al the posts if they want to or they found to be interested. Most commonly, Reddit users use to share and explore many images, questions, stories, quiz, and a lot of other things that they found interesting.

It allows users to build a connection with each other via comments. It has become one of the most popular platforms in just one year amongst social media platforms. There exist many alternatives to Reddit which you can try, and that’s cool enough.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a popular platform of social media that doesn’t need any kind of introduction, and its popularity is increasing day by day. It provides no drawback to its users. It has become the most popular and growing fast, just like Facebook. It allows you to make a tweet on the go and can raise your voice through tweets.

You can be updated on the news through this platform. It even provides the opportunity to build a connection with other users through the chat option. It allows smaller tweets to post on the platform. This platform is the easiest and most simple way to connect with peoples.

4. Behance

Behance is an outstanding community platform where you can connect with various people. It is mainly created for designers. It provides a great platform for designers who want to shows their creativity to the world and can be able to discover more creations from other artists.

In this platform, you are allowed to follow other users of Behance to view the creations they shared on Behance, and you can like them if you want to do so. You are also allowed to build a conversation with other users to discuss ideas and to explore much more.

5. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform is one of the most popular amongst professional social media lovers, and it continues to remain popular for a long time. This platform provides you an opportunity to keep in touch with other professional users who are using LinkedIn.

It is also suitable for job seekers and job providers as It even allows us to recruit employees and find the best suitable jobs for them. This platform also proves to be a great opportunity for people who wants to be updated with the latest news of industry and business. It also provides a LinkedIn Pulse for those who want to share and explore many more new ideas with the industries having big names.


This article is especially for social media lovers. You may seek the best alternative to Facebook. That’s why this article is for you as we have provided you a proper list of such articles starting from the best one to less good. You can go through this article to find out one best alternative. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.