Biden Proves Mental Sharpness By Accurately Identifying Peter Doocy

President Joe Biden used a live microphone on Monday to call Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy “a foolish son of a bitch” for asking Biden whether inflation was a political risk for him.

Biden Proves Mental Sharpness By Accurately Identifying Peter Doocy

This gaffe occurred during a White House ceremony highlighting the work of the Biden administration to curb inflation. Doocy said, “Will you take questions about inflation?” when the president claimed that all the press queries were about the military buildup near Ukraine.

Biden Proves Mental Sharpness By Accurately Identifying Peter Doocy

Before the midterm elections, do you see inflation as a political liability? Biden joked that it was a great thing that he hadn’t accidentally turned off his microphone. There will be further inflation.

His next words were, “What a foolish son of a bitch.”

After his debate with Biden, Doocy went on Fox News, where “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters joked with him, “I think the president’s correct. “You are a moron,” or “You are an idiot.”

“Yeah nobody’s fact-checked [Biden] yet and stated it’s not true,” Doocy replied with a grin.

In response to host Bret Baier’s query regarding the president’s “colourful exchange,” Doocy said, “He didn’t want to take any questions off-topic. There was an inflation-related gathering he was attending. A question concerning inflation was mine. Let’s see if the White House tries to censor that from the transcript.

What did the other reporters have to say about that?” Baier followed up with. Are you in contact with them? I couldn’t hear anything over the shouting of the wranglers,” Doocy responded. “They literally had to tell me he had said it. Henceforth the video clip shall endure.

Doocy Reported on Monday Night that Biden had Called him Later in the Day to Apologise for the Statement.

During presidential press conferences, Doocy will frequently try to trip up Vice President Biden by talking over other reporters and raising his voice.

This is not the first time Biden has cursed into a hot microphone, so his remarks are not completely out of character.

Vice President Joe Biden made headlines when he was caught on camera cussing in 2010 as he and President Barack Obama celebrated the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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Last Words

The White House has been struggling in recent months to effectively communicate the measures it is doing to help bring down inflation, which has reached levels not seen in decades.

Biden, or any president for that matter, can’t do much in the short term to change long-term macroeconomic factors like rising consumer demand and snarled Asian supply chains.