Windows 10 Start Menu not Working {Solved}

In Windows 10, Start Menu is the main access point to all your installed applications, and It’s pretty frustrating if Windows 10 Start Menu is not working. It is the small button on the left corner of the taskbar Windows, which is used to allow users to browse to other locations. It can be accessed in two ways;

  • Using the mouse: Click on the Windows icon on the left corner of your screen.
  • Using keyboard: press on key with an icon of the Windows.

As start menu is the main port of call for navigation or access point in Windows 10. However, when it plays up, it becomes a huge problem.

If we talk about Windows 10, it is officially out today. It’s the most significant update by Microsoft to Windows in many years and represents a new direction for premier software products. Its turn as the best replacement for Windows 8 and 8.1, and also attract users of Windows 7 who never bothered to update to Windows 8.

Windows 10 Start Menu not Working Issue

There are many new features in Windows 10 interface. The best part of Windows 10’s interface is the new start menu, which replaces the full start screen of Windows 8. It is a combination of the traditional start menu from Windows 7 and earlier with the live tiles of Windows Phone and Windows 8. It provides:

  • Quick access to recently used applications.
  • The file explorer.
  • Power controls.

But all these are not enough people are facing so many problems with Start Menu and restarting the system did not help too.

 Reasons Behind Windows 10 Start Menu not Working

There are lots of reasons why the Windows 10 start menu is not working. But most commonly it happens when they are installed in the wrong way or they can be affected by third party software also be the problem. Most of the users either upgraded from earlier versions build to a newer Windows 10 build which seems pushed automatically.

However, Considering the updates and pushes, and applications (third party) in the Shell Context, these can also affect Start Menu and generate issues. There are so many ways to fix this problem. You can try these methods:

Fix: Windows 10 Start Menu not Working

Method 1: Revert Update

If you are not able to start the Windows 10 Startup Menu, then, first of all, you have to go back and update it one more time. The purpose of revert back the update is that Windows 10 run on your computer before the upgrade.

After doing this step, you have to check it and also check the activation of the Windows before restart your system. If there is a minor issue in the Windows application, then it will work fine.

Method 2: Repair Windows Image

This is the second method if your issue is still the same after updating Windows (After following method 1) In this method you have to repair the image of Windows 10. There are many ways to repair Windows images; some of them are:

A – Repair Windows 10 Image by using DISM CMD utility.

B – Repair Windows 10 image by using SFC.

A) Repair Windows 10 Image by Using DISM CMD Utility

In this method, you have to start the menu button open CMD (Open Command Prompt ) by simply pressing Win + X shortcut keys on your keyboard. Type “Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth” command and repair Windows 10 images.

B) Repair Windows 10 image by using SFC

In this method, we can also repair the image of Windows 10 in a straightforward way. You can repair Windows 10 images by using the SFC tool. In this method, you have to open CMD by the Windows button + R and enter the cmd or Win + X menu and choose Command Prompt (by Admin).

When you open command prompt enter SFC /Scannow and press Enter. The repair process of the image of Windows 10 will start. This process will take a while, and in the end, a Windows image will be repaired.

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Method 3: Through an Elevated PowerShell

Before you start working with an issue, we strongly advise you to take a backup of those files you can’t afford to lose. Now what you need to do:

Step 1: Click on the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar of your desktop at the bottom.

Step 2: Now come to the top of the Task Manager Windows, select file option and then choose Run new task

Step 3: Type Powershell and check the box to create a new task with Admin. Privileges now press Enter.

Step 4: Open CMD and enter PowerShell, or use Win + X shortcut key choose PowerShell and select the Run as administrator option. Type below mentioned commands and enter:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

These commands will take some time for execution, and in the end, you would surely be able to open a working Start Menu. 

Method 4: Create and Use A New User Account

Creating and using a new account is very simple in Windows 10. You have to create a new account with Admin For creating a new user account in Windows 10 you have to:

Step 1: Open Start Menu and go to Settings.

Step 2: Click on Account and go to Family & other users.

Step 3: Finally, create new users by click on “Add someone else to this PC” easily. When a new user has been created than sign in with user account and use system as per admin right.

Method 5: Run Start Menu Troubleshooter

This tool has been released by Microsoft for Windows 10 that will troubleshoot and fix all your Windows 10 Start Menu problems & issues automatically. Sometimes startup menu in Windows 10 not working was one of the big issues with some users with a new OS system, but finally, Microsoft has decided to address this issue.

Method 6: Run System File Checker

Basically, it is a utility tool if there is a corrupted Windows Resource protection File inside your Windows 10, you would have many difficulties in performing the SFC scan on your PC as some of the Windows functions of your system may not work as expected before you run SFC Scan.

Step 1: Press the Windows button to open the Start Menu.

Step 2: Search CMD or direct press Windows key + X by Administrator.

Step 3: Just enter the command and enter SFC /Scannow.

Step 4: At least, wait some time, and then you are surely able to the startup menu.

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In the above description, we have given almost all possible ways to fix the Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working problem of the start menu in Windows 10 by which you can fix all the issues related to the start menu in your Windows 10 operating system.