Why Did Bungie Sell Halo to 343

Consolidation is currently the biggest trend in gaming, not NFTs or the metaverse. Sony revealed it is buying Destiny 2 developer Bungie (and no, it’s not just a last-minute response to Microsoft) after Microsoft revealed plans to acquire publishing giant Activision-Blizzard last week.

Although some of the most important questions about the deal have yet to be answered, the finer details are still being kept a secret.

Why Did Bungie Sell Halo to 343

5. Is Halo Still Under Bungie Control

Nope. Although Microsoft owns the rights to the Halo franchise, Bungie developed the first few games and created the Halo franchise.

The original Halo was being developed by Bungie when Microsoft acquired the studio in 1997, acquiring the IP at the same time. Microsoft kept the rights to Halo after Bungie left the company in 2007, establishing the in-house studio 343 Industries to take over the successful franchise. Halo’s chances of arriving on PlayStation are currently as remote as they were before Sony acquired Bungie.

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4. What Game Series Owns Bungie?

Activision-enormous Blizzard’s library of games, which includes the Call of Duty franchise and a number of cash-cow mobile games, contributed in part to the significance of Microsoft’s acquisition of the company.

With the Sony-Bungie agreement, which appears to be entirely focused on Destiny, that is not the case. Prior to Take-Two Interactive becoming the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, Bungie produced the PlayStation action game Oni and the Myth strategy series.

Marathon, Bungie’s first-person shooter series before Halo, is still under its control. A revival seems a little improbable given that the developer is already maintaining one extremely popular shooter series.

In addition to Destiny, Bungie is developing a brand-new game that it expects to release before 2025. Bungie has only provided that information so far, but job postings and a trademark application suggest that a new, jovial loot game with the working title Matter is in the works.

3. How Much do You Expect Destiny 2 to Earn?

Although Destiny 2 frequently appears on the most-played charts for PlayStation and Steam, this does not always translate into significant sales figures. Keep in mind that because Destiny 2’s base game is free to play, the game’s revenue comes from DLC and in-game purchases rather than from base game sales.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Bungie earns somewhere in the mid-$100 million range annually thanks to the Destiny franchise. Sales for this year are likely to increase as a result of the eagerly awaited Witch Queen expansion’s release on February 22.

Considering Bungie’s $3.6 billion selling price, its revenue might not seem like much, but Sony now has a share of Destiny 2’s in-game sales, where it falls behind other developers.

2. Does Destiny 2 go to Playsstation Only?

Not in Bungie’s opinion. Destiny 2 will continue to be available on all current platforms and expand to new ones, the developer makes clear in a FAQ. Similarly, Bungie claims that every game it is currently developing will be released across multiple platforms.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, echoed those opinions, stating that “Bungie will remain an independent, multiplatform studio and publisher.”

Both parties will benefit from this action. Bungie has no justification for restricting its player base to a single platform, upsetting multiplatform player communities in the process, and Sony stands to gain more by obtaining its fair share of microtransactions across various platforms.

1.Will Destiny 2 have DLC or PS-Exclusive Gear?

Once more, no — at least not right now. The Witch Queen expansion will not feature any “platform exclusives,” according to Bungie’s FAQ. Additionally, it states that up until the release of The Final Shape expansion in 2024, all of Bungie’s plans will not change.

Other language in the FAQ suggests that Bungie is avoiding platform exclusivity altogether, but leaves enough room for it to still be possible. During Destiny 2’s time with Activision, Bungie added platform-exclusive features, but players largely rejected them. Similar to making the game exclusive, Bungie and Sony are likely to receive few benefits from adding platform-locked content in exchange for the inevitable backlash.

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Bonus: What Comes Up?

Although it’s too soon to say for sure, there are some pretty obvious hints as to what this means for Bungie and PlayStation.

Similar to the upcoming Halo TV series, Bungie has expressed interest in adapting Destiny for other media, and Sony undoubtedly has the resources to make that happen. Jim Ryan claims that Sony is also pleased to have the Destiny 2 developers on board to support upcoming PlayStation live-service initiatives.