We’re Updating Sea of Thieves. It Should Be Ready To Use Again Shortly.

One of the newest games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is called Sea of Thieves. Since there is no single-player mode, the game’s strengths lie on its multiplayer modes.

You can also get this game by subscribing to the Game Pass service and playing it alongside hundreds of other games for just $10 a month. All Xbox faithful would be wise to take advantage of this offer.

We’re Updating Sea of Thieves. It Should Be Ready To Use Again Shortly.

Even with all of Microsoft’s hard work on Sea of Thieves, it’s far from flawless. Some players have recently reported that they are unable to download the latest patch for the game from the Microsoft Store.

Sea of Thieves is now undergoing maintenance, but will be available to players again as soon as possible.

The Windows 10 version of Sea of Thieves does not update.

1. Power down and back up your device

In most cases, restarting a Windows 10 machine is the simplest solution to a technical issue. To restart your computer, click the Start button, then right-click, select Shutdown or sign out, and finally restart.

After the machine has booted back up, go to the Microsoft Store and start the update again.

2. delete all Microsoft Store history

Using the Microsoft Keep frequently causes it to store more data in its cache, which can lead to a few minor issues. It’s simple to clear the Store’s cache if you’re having issues.

To run the wsreset.exe utility, use the Windows 10 start button and enter the filename. Right-click the result of your search, and then select “Run as administrator.” Once you’ve cleared the cache, fire up the Microsoft Store and try updating Sea of Thieves again.

3. Launch the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

There are still a lot of people who don’t know that Microsoft has a troubleshooter just for Windows Store apps. This issue in Sea of Thieves is as simple as they come, so it won’t solve every problem, but it should work fine for the ones that need it.

By tapping the Windows key plus I, you’ll open the Settings app, where you’ll find Update & Security. The next step is to go to Troubleshoot and then scroll down until you see Windows Store Apps.

Click the Troubleshoot button after making your selection. Once an issue has been identified by the troubleshooter, proceed as directed.

4. Re-setup the game

If all else fails, reinstalling the game is your only remaining option. There’s a good chance you’ll never have to consider this choice, but if everything else has failed, it may be your last resort.