5 Best VPN for Android – Fast and Secure VPNs of 2023

There are many VPNs available on the internet, but selecting the best VPN can be found by testing each service introduced in the VPN market, after analyzing the technology, reviews from the users, and checking speculations also important to get the best VPN for Android.

Only Some VPNs are compatible with Android, whereas some VPNs are limited to some OS, so checking the compatible one for your device and its coverage and speed must also be taken into account. And most importantly, it should be valuable for the price you spend on installing in your device.

5 Best VPN for Android in 2023

All the contact details, personal photos, and important documents are mostly stored on our phones rather than laptops or computers. The phone is handier, where we end up storing important information most easily. As the data storage is high, the viability of the risk of data theft is also high, where VPN for Android comes to the rescue.

VPN for Android

Considering the user-interface, ad-blocking feature, encryption techniques, speed, and other important security protocols, here are the top 5 best VPN for Android in 2023:

1. VyprVPN

It makes use of the Wire Guard to protect your data without disruption. VPN is the best service to put your device under control. It is highly user-friendly, supporting both Android and iOS devices. The connection can be made with 5 different devices simultaneously at a time. It makes use of multiple encryption protocols.

When the connection drops VyperVPN kill switch can be used where there is also no log privacy policy, and third parties cannot access the personal data. It has lightning-fast connections supporting unlimited streaming. It makes use of Open Internet censorship and bypassing government restricted apps, and games can be accessed using the Chameleon protocol.


  • Masking of IP address.
  • Masking your identity and location.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The cost of Premium access is high.
  • Connection log.
  • Less connectivity.

2. NordVPN

It is the most popular VPN supporting Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It helps to secure your internet access in mobile phones at the speed of the internet. It is a combination of robust server infrastructure and lightening speed NordLynx to accelerate the high speed with a highly user-friendly interface.

It is highly intuitive securing your access on the internet, whether it’s your browsing history, gaming, or online web series you watch daily. It offers security for androids in over 59 countries providing highly secured protection from snoopers. CyberSec features provide cyber-security for your android, where you are also guaranteed privacy in public Wi-Fi.


  • TCP/UDP protocols to ensure speed.
  • Double VPN, P2P, and Onion over VPN.
  • Highly user-friendly.


  • Customer service is not so active.
  • Slower at times.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is compatible with all the Android versions. It works from the Virgin Islands, operating and providing security for mobile users since 2009. It holds a high reputation in the VPN network for owing a high level of consistency and dedicated privacy to internet access. It is value for money with robust VPN servicing.

It is made simple to get started by following just 3 steps on the go.

Step 1: Choose your location of access

Step 2: Choose a VPN server in All locations Tab

Step 3: Turn it ON, your security is turned ON

It has a huge network supporting over 160 server locations in 94 countries. It gets auto-connected on any Wi-Fi where the split tunneling process is supported. It uses AES-256 Encryption for security where kill switch for eliminating traffic can also be done. It has high speed and optimization with in-app troubleshooting features.


  • Multilingual interface.
  • Advanced leak protection.
  • Advanced shortcuts.
  • Optimized speed.


  • More expensive.
  • Configurations are limited.

4. TunnelBear

Besides its compatibility for Android, it also supports iOS, Mac, Windows, Browser, and Blocker. It will not get disconnected, ensuring 24/7 security day and night. It is highly user-friendly, eliminating complex setups by applying an on or off switch for VPN protection.

It uses the AES-256 encryption protocol for security. It publishes independent audits regularly on your device. It has unlimited bandwidth and uninterrupted server switches operating in nearly 20 different countries, and the count is increasing day by day. It is trusted by 21 million people worldwide, as there is no log activity incurred.

Though being a smaller VPN provider, it promises great security, usability, and price level. It also comes with a free version with monthly data to get started in the best way where it is highly secured for users as it supports no-log privacy for all the users.


  • Award-winning service for lightning speed access.
  • More private and secured.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Limited server locations.
  • Inconsistency performance.

5. Hideman

It is also supported for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Chrome. It has RTL support with endpoint activity log features in Android. It also fixed the reconnecting issue after startup by adding GCM also supporting arm64 and Open SSL. It supports anonymity and privacy, with enhanced updates where the free version is also available, but the log is kept.

Overall, Hideman provides the best overall experience as it is so user-friendly and highly affordable for all the levels of mobile VPN users. It is different from the previous VPN for android. It clearly states that it is a mobile-only plan, thereby spending the fullest effort into Android users’ user experience.


  • No logs for paid users
  • User-interface is good
  • Price is very cheap


  • Limited server.
  • No customer support.
  • The full version price is high.


Not all Android phones are not secured with VPN as people secure their PC or Laptops more than the mobile phone. But it is a misinterpretation as it is essential to keep your browsing and location private on mobile phones and tablets as they are always with you. VPN is mandatory for mobile users, and installs your software today!